Together at Last

Guinness Marmite

Marmite and Guinness in one handy pot. Next up: Vegemite and Victoria Bitter!

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29 thoughts on “Together at Last

  1. Have you ever been to the Guinness shop in Dublin? They put friggin’ Guinness in anything. Word of warning: Guinness chocolate is horrible, no matter how much you like Guinness or how much you like chocolate.

  2. I dunno about thais stuff.

    Love Guinness, love Marmite.

    each in their own right.

    as an aside, the soup tureen looking thing on the front of the label is called a Marmite (pron:- Mar-Mee-Tay.

    Thus the name.

  3. i saw that the other day too…

    am tempted to buy it just to try it…

    i wonder what it tastes like…

    lol come on it’s the uk… they wouldn’t go past vegimite and fosters!


  4. Come to think of it… given that marmite is actually made from yeast extract, which is a by-product of beer, it’s not actually such a strange combination after all.

  5. Fantastic! I might have to force my poor mother to queue up and try to get a declared pot or two through quarantine in January. We can just about get Marmite here in WA, but I doubt this little beauty will make it to the shelves….sigh.

  6. And now, if you wanted, you could safely return to Australia to a life of Vegemite (and I’m sure we could talk to Kraft about the addition of a little Bundy rum…) and a future to be optimistic about.
    Congratulations about the pending book release too… I had no idea til I spotted your Amazon link.

  7. Where on earth did you find this? What a revolting thought, and yet… possibly moderately good for one, if only to stop one eating too much. Or possibly anything at all.

  8. Hello, I found your blog thru Love your writing style. I myself just moved to Scotland less than 6 months a go so I still struggle with weather and accent. Food I don’t mind, but I wouldn’t go near marmite, ugh!

  9. It’s delicious. I’ve tried it at a B&B I’ve been staying in recently for work. Now that my home jar of the normal stuff has run out I must go and get me some for my own cupboard.

  10. You must forgive my ignorance, but what is Marmite? I definitley know what Guiness is (mmm), but still no clue on the other. Off to Google it out…

  11. hi anita! welcome aboard 🙂 i still struggle with the weather and accent after nearly five years so dinnae worry, hen. hope you’re having a good time though!

    rebecca – it’s something that you spread on your toast or crackers etc etc. like jam, except salty and very very dark!

    cal – no way! so does it taste at all guinness-y?

    isabelle – it was at waitrose!

  12. Not particularly Guinessy, no. It’s difficult to describe the difference. Maybe a bit softer, smoother, sweeter than normal Marmite. As if some of the velvety thickness and creamy head of Guiness has crept in somehow. Nice, but will never replace the normal stuff.

  13. Hmmm…interesting…wonder if we even have it over here?…I’m sure we do, it’s NYC, we have everything!

    Personally I like Chicken-ala-King on toast…mmmm!

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