No Purchase Necessary!

Dearly beloveds! Over on Dietgirl I've running a fanbloodytastic photo Scavenger Hunt contest. There's ten copies of my book to be won, hot off the presses!

There's also a bonus Grand Prize for the most creative entry. Forgive the pimpery but it's not really pimping if you're giving it away for FREE, is it? I know there are some mighty talented and imaginative folks out there, so why not give it a red hot go?

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6 thoughts on “No Purchase Necessary!

  1. Nooo!!

    Don’t tell people here too! I was hoping that maybe only ten people would enter and then I’d be able to win a prize for sure! If you go telling everyone then you’ll get more than ten entries for sure and I’ll be forced to be creative 🙁

  2. Ahem. I’ve already ordered it too, so I won’t enter because I don’t need to. Nothing to do with being completely uncreative. Or not knowing how the camera works. Or how to get the photos off the camera and onto my laptop. Oh no.

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