2007 in Review

FAVOURITE GIG:  Rush in Glasgow. I reluctantly tagged along with the prog-loving Doctor G and ended up a convert. Almost. I’d never seen so many mullets assembled under one roof: bleached mullets, permed mullets, bald mullets, lady mullets. It was my first ever gig that included lasers, flames and fifteen minute drum solos.

It was bloody fantastic, especially YYZ, aka The Theme from Guitar Hero II. My favourite moment was seeing Gareth gazing up at the stage with a dopey smile, bathed in the green laser light – clearly he’d been transported back to his bedroom, aged 15 with the headphones on. I’ve never seen him look so happy!


FAVOURITE RECORDS:  White Chalk, PJ Harvey and In Rainbows, Radiohead. Predictable, I know!

FAVOURITE FILLUMS:  I didn’t see much at the cinema but 2007 was the Year of the Clint. Gareth was horrified that I’d never seen any Clint Eastwood westerns so set out to give me an education. We started with A Fistful of Dollars then moved through classics like Pale Rider, Two Mules For Sister Sarah, Unforgiven and The Good The Bad and the Ugly. I had assumed it would be boring shoot-em-up stuff but they were witty, subtle and stylish. And Clint Eastwood in his prime? SEXAY!

My favourite was The Outlaw Josey Wales because it’s basically Clint Spits On Many Things – he gobs tobacco on dead folk, a dog, a beetle, a scorpion – cinematic gold!

Clint Eastwood

FAVOURITE BLOKE ON THE TELLY:  Bruce Parry of Tribe. I’m a sucker for any thoughtful, articulate bloke with a mellow voice and a wild passion for their chosen subject. Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs is the runner-up, but Bruce gets bonus points for all that shirtless running-around-in-jungles.

Bruce Parry

FAVOURITE ACCENT:  By a mile… KIWI! I’d never pondered its devastating hotness until I became addicted to the Flight of the Conchords HBO series. Their songs were great as always, but I doubt the non-song bits would have been half as funny if not for those accents (and Murray, of course). The dialogue seemed crafted purely to showcase the words that sound the most hilarious in Kiwi.

The scene below from the Racism episode was my favourite, for the brilliant pisstaking of Australians and the way Jemaine says “person”.

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25 thoughts on “2007 in Review

  1. Do you know how much I love The Outlaw Josey Wales?? Channel 10 used to play that a lot in the early 1990s. I know. I watched it every time it was on! Clint Eastwood was hot, hot, hot in it!! 😉

  2. I’m with you on Bruce Parry. The one where he had his thingie have that thingie put in it was awesome. The man has his thingie thingies so we can learn about other cultures. Go Bruce!

    Kiwi accents rule, but so do Zimbabwean ones. We apparently sound just like Kiwis to the uninitiated. Yay, Zim.

    I’m envying you the mullet-sight-seeing. Mullets are not big in the NL 🙂

  3. Even better is the Flight of the Conchords guys speaking french. Everyone in our house can do the whole of Fou de fa fa from start to finish, word perfect and we have to do the french bits in a Kiwi/French accent! We are talented here, I tell you.

  4. Clint Eastwood, and Sean Connery. Two men old enough to be my father, and I’ve been crushing on them both for as long as I can remember. There’s just something about a man on horse.

  5. Kiwi accents? Why, thank you 😉

    I’m partial to Scottish accents but I seem to have ended up with a Polish girlfriend so go figure.

    I’m going to have to get off my arse (typing comments all the time!) and get myself a Freeview box. Then I could watch Conchords on BBC4.

    Clint Eastwood was hot and cool in his prime – without having to say much either. And I agree with the comparison to Sean Connery – some actors (and actresses) just have presence. Some but not many!

    I still haven’t discovered why some people say my accent is strong and some say it’s weak. It’s funny hearing someone on our Helpdesk repeating back what I’ve said when they’re not used to a Kiwi accent though – kind of freaks me out. And some places understand the Kiwi/Aussie accent better than others. Scottish people seem to have no problem (or maybe they’re just good at just nodding to everything I say?) but people from Latin countries almost give up in despair.

    Oh, well.

    Scott F 🙂

  6. Scotty dude, there is no such thing as a too-long comment round here. Remember Ed and his megalong comments? You just write as much as you like 🙂 I’m a commenter. You’re a commenter. That commenter over there is a commenter.

  7. That’s my favourite episode of the Conchords. So many great moments in that one.

    I’ve actually recently gotten into prog, much to the embarrassment of everyone around me. Maybe I should re-grow my mullet (I had one when I was eight – the shame! I blame my parents).

  8. Gord that made me larf Shauna! I luved it.

    I especially enjoyed the part at the end where he says, “no Australian’s say, ‘where’s the car?’ where we say, ‘where’s the car?’


  9. Flight of the Conchords is the best show ever in the history of Television. I watch my DVDs over and over and over again…

    And it’s JEMAIME, with no R. I know, it took me awhile before I realized that too 😉

  10. Rush was the first concert I ever went to back in 1989. Still one of the best concerts I’ve had the pleasure of attending. The mullets at a Rush concert in the states are glorious.

  11. love FOTC. It has to be one of my top shows, I’m particularly fond of the ‘when the humans are dead’and the ‘I’m not crying it’s just been raining on my face’ songs.
    As far as accents go, I’m all for Scottish, but really just about anything will do as long as it’s not my country of origin (South Africa).

  12. i too am a big fan of flight of the conchords.

    my sister’s boyfriend sent me a youtube link a while back and i was hooked straight away. as a reward for his excellent advice, i got him business socks for christmas. :o)

  13. Hi Shauna

    As soon as I heard that your book was about to be published I pre-ordered it from Amazon and what a lovely surprise it was to have it waiting for me when I returned from holidays last week. It’s a fabulous read, as I knew it would be.

    I’m curious about something you wrote in the early part of the book. You said that you had failed for the 5th time to finish reading “In Cold Blood” and I was wondering why that was? Is it because the killing of the Clutter family was just soo incredibly senseless? Or did you, like me (fight it though I did) start to feel the tiniest bit of sympathy for the rotten lives the killers had led? They certainly deserved their fate and I’m pleased that justice was served.

    However, the book is a well deserved classic (in my opinion) and I also feel it’s well written and well researched so as I said earlier, I’m just curious as to why you couldn’t/haven’t finished reading it?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’ve been mulling it over for the last couple of days and curiosity finally got the better of me.

    As I said at the beginning – love the book and I hope there will be another one in the not too distant future?


  14. Me again

    Meant to also say that “The Outlaw Josey Wales” is also my favourite Clint Eastwood movie. I first watched him (with much drooling) when he played Rowdy Yates in the TV series “Rawhide” – what a gorgeous looking man he was. My only problem with the movies he acts in now, particularly if he’s also the director,is that he appears to think that he is still “God’s gift to women” I really don’t need to see him in any love scenes any longer and I wish he would stop it! Other than that, he’s a great director and a pretty good actor.


  15. Hey there Jeanie! Bless you for buying the book and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m with you on Clint, I prefer to drool over the classics 🙂 I dunno what happened with me and In Cold Blood – I just think at the time (2001) I mustn’t have been in the right mood for it! Maybe I was in my Ultra Fluffy Books phase. And then I left Oz and the book is in a box at Mum’s house. I will have to give it another go!

  16. Oh, this clip comes as such a disappointment to me! My boy and his young lady are about to go to NZ for 2 months (very excited) and he’s been going around talking in what he claims is a NZ accent for some months, in preparation. And he doesn’t sound at all like those chaps.

    Maybe basing his sound on “Neighbours” has misled him…

  17. Hi darling daughter

    I spent last Sunday afternoon watching my favourite Clint Eastwood movie as it was on the tele – “The Bridges of Madison County”. If you haven’t watched that one you might like to check it out.

    Meryl Streep (sp ?) also stars in the movie.

    Love ya!

  18. Woot!

    So you saw RUSH! WOOT!

    I have tae tell ya, I am prohibited from playing RUSH songs on the ‘puter whilst Lorraine is in the vicinity.

    Happy to hear you discovered the macho-wonders of Clint.

    And I say, “WOOT!” yet agin, lass.


  19. Oh I love FOTC so much. I laugh my tits off and it’s just great fun. Murray is too much!!

    I can buy the book now. Stoked.

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