Liquid Dinner

I spent a bookwhorin' day in sunny Dublin yesterday… how bloody cool is Dublin? And Helen the Publicist bought me a Guinness, my very first. Tasted like Vegemite and chocolate. It was lovely, but I only managed to drink an inch of it. I just cannae get beer down, no matter what kind it is.

I really really really want to go back. Ireland has been right next door for nearly five years and I've totally ignored it! And what of WALES!?

In other news, my job is making me mental. The Slowest Computer In The World isn't helping. It took 85 seconds for it to paste a 5k .gif from one folder into another. I ask it to do something, it just lights another fag and smirkss, "I'll do it when I'm good and ready." I've developed a habit of grabbing the monitor and shaking it violently while screaming C'MONNNNN Lleyton Hewitt style.

Happy Haggis Day, comrades! And Happy Australia Day for tomorrow!

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14 thoughts on “Liquid Dinner

  1. Oh Shauna, how happy I would have been to finish that Guinness (that’s sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it?) I have a small mental “life list” and one item is “drink a Guinness (or three) in Ireland”, ahh…mother’s milk!
    Lucky you in Dublin!!

  2. Well it’s Ostraya Day today and out here in the bush there is little happening. Joh Bailey the famous gay hairdresser is our Shires Australia Day Ambassador, which in itself is so amazingly absurd that it’s just gotta be Australian.

    Sitting here staring at the gum trees, the kookaburra’s and the kangaroos I know exactly where I am.

    Hope you have a great day too Miss Shauny.

  3. Eeeuuwww, I’m the same with Guinness – a wee bit goes an awfully long way. In fact, I struggle with a half pint of the stuff 🙁

    See if you get the chance to go round Ireland, head for Donegal. IMHO that’s the REAL Ireland. It’s a whole lot less plastic than Dublin, and the people are absolutely amazing. Historically there were a lot of connections with Scotland so it’s quite weird meeting all these people with Scottish names ther. And their accent is to die for – it’s very different from further south.

    Oh, and if you haven’t read “Travels Round Ireland with a Fridge” – do read it. It’s surreal!

  4. Guinness tastes like chocolate? How odd. I always think the top part looks like chocolate ice cream, enough so that I’m sometimes tempted to take a sip of someone else’s (with permission).

    Then I’m disappointed, once again, that it tastes like yeasty horror. That must be the Vegemite element…

    No, I know I shouldn’t jest about Vegemite. I’ve never actually tasted it. But I can’t do beer OR Marmite so the omens don’t look good.

    Happy belated ‘Stralia day!

  5. ack.

    I’m with you on the beer front. Any kind.

    Absolutely gagging to get to Ireland and wales, in all my countless travels, I have never been to either. Saving…..

    Funny, re Peter Carey, there was an article quite similar in the Herald last week. I found it really interesting, particularly on the way we view places in different ways when we are not IN them.

  6. I lived their for three months, one month in Dublin and one in Galway, and then one in Bray, an small town “almost a suburb now” just south of Dublin, I much preferred the east coast to the west. The people just seemed warmer and more interested in talking to strangers (which is good when you do not know a soul) west coast was nice and beautiful, and the people were ok, I made friends their, but not really until I started taking pottery classes…then I wasn’t a stranger I was a classmate. My largest group of friends was Spanish aupairs (sp?), there to learn English. I am not sure I got into the group, but they were great fun, and I got to see an interesting mix of cultures.

  7. Ohhhhhh – I LOVE Dublin! The whole of Ireland actually. Though I do understand how easy it is to get cosy at home – especially with UK weather. We lived only an hour away from the Welsh border when I was in England, yet it took almost a year to visit Wales. Then when we finally made it we kicked ourselves and went back all the time. It is a wonderful country.

    As for the Guinness, I can’t stick it either. I think you did well to keep down an inch. Note to Self after visiting Dublin: Do not sleep on backpackers bunk above boyfriend who has had a dozen Guinesses. Hot air rises. Ew! ;D XXX

  8. I always thought Guinness had a strong resemblance to soy sauce. It’s definitely an acquired taste.

  9. ooh are you doing some kind of a book tour?? i’ll have to keep my eyes and ears open if so cos i’d love to own a signed copy of your book!

  10. OH what a pit o neglect. hello anyone, anyone out there!

    bushra, no book tours, methinks they are reserved for the likes of dan brown 🙂 i nipped over to dublin for the day to do a whole lotta interviews!

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