That’s A Good Pud

chef.jpgHow do we carry on now that Masterchef is over?

For those not in the know, it's basically American Idol with foie gras and fancy knives. It's hosted by two strangely endearing blokes who don't understand the concept of Inside Voices, so they constantly bark at the contestants, I WANNA SEE A NICE PLAYDA FOOD and NOW THAT'S BEWDIFULLY SEASONED!

The contestants are mostly earnest Former Bankers or Ex-Barristers who gave up high-flying careers to pursue their Passion for Food. This intrigues me as I don't think I could sacrifice even my low-flying career until I was 100% certain that the Passion was 100% secure and paid near enough to the low-flying career that I wouldn't need to live in a cardboard box. But on the telly, Passion RULES and people can chuck their jobs with gay abandon.

The final episode was both compelling and insane (and beautifully live blogged by Anna Pickard) Shouty Aussie was reduced to tears by Emily's beetroot tagliatelle and Shouty Bald insisted that EVERY YEAR THEY. JUST. GET. BEDDA AN BEDDA! Curly James was eventually declared the winner of the suitably curly Masterchef trophy.

It was so easy to be swept up in such culinary drama but Gareth brought some perspective to the table:

shouty_oz.jpg  "Whoever wins… IT WILL CHANGE. THEIR. LIVES"
shouty_bald.jpg  "It DOESN'T get any TOUGHER THAN THIS"
shouty_g.jpg  "They're just COOKING THE DINNER!"

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7 thoughts on “That’s A Good Pud

  1. You’re the second blogger to post about this and now I am jelus because there is nothing I love more than reality tv and food, put the two together and I think it’s unmissable telly.

    Tell me, were there tears? What about a good old fight between contestants?

  2. Ooooo how fab, another Masterchef fan! I too will now be at a loss as to what to watch on TV now!

    I think my Husband and yours shared the same bewilderment at the hype of Masterchef… each episode my Husband would say “…. TV doesn’t get any guffer than this” in time with the “It DOESN’T get any TOUGHER THAN THIS” comment! It was hilarious! Then he’d walk to the office and leave me in food heaven for the next 30mins (or hour!)!

    Ps… how good looking was the chocolate mud pie?

    Luv Annee x

  3. The intro bugged me big time but I couldn’t skip it (watching on bbc iplayer) as I’d miss what the contestants were saying about that days challenge. What a show. I was actually getting stressed out for them in case they didnt get the dishes out in time. Delighted James won, poor old Johnny though!

    Emily, didn’t do it for me. The lisp bugged me, but the fact that she was 18 – what a woman!

  4. Well – sorry – I’m with Gareth.

    I only saw the adverts, which were, unfailingly, on in between Mastermind and University Challenge. Much scorn was poured in this household. We are not competitive types.

    Loyd Grossman. I remember him from when my Dad used to watch the old version. Isn’t it a New England accent of some kind he has? He definitely does have a weird voice, accent or not.

  5. Oh we were absolutely transfixed by Masterchef in our house. It was like the World Cup. In the end we agreed it was best that the curly-haired barrister with the much-vaunted ‘complex processes’ won.. we did feel sorry for down-to-earth Northern Irish Jonny though. The charming child prodigy from Devon we felt would benefit from a couple of years in the heat of a kitchen somewhere…

    Those presenters though. I did love them but there was something disconcerting about the positively bibliacal zeal with which the baldy one would declaim, ‘Good Pud!’. Like you I would never have passed the passion test (mind you I would never have passed the test where they had to distinguish a cod from a haddock either…)

  6. Damn. I missed the final and now I discover there was beetroot tagliatelle which sounds like the best thing ever!

    I took against James, though it seemed inevitable that he would win, and didn’t like Johnny at all. I wasn’t mad about Emily either – it’s beginning to sound like I just don’t much like people, isn’t it? probably true – but was impressed by how good she was. At 18 I think I could pretty much manage toast and marmite!

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