York The Elder

Dr G and I are off to the fair city of York this arvo to celebrate three years of hasty marriage. I should have thought of this weeks ago but forgot amidst the deaf and snottiness… I was wondering – you guys had so many brilliant ideas when we went to New York – has anyone been to the old one? Gareth's all geeked up for the air museum and the rail museum, but what's in it for me? Mwahaha. Signs of old age and crotchety-ness:

  • We booked our train tickets in the Quiet Coach. Shush, you kids!
  • Gareth is bringing a thermos of tea coz we're too stingy to pay £1 for the pissweak on-board swill.
  • Although Gareth will say it's more about environmental reasons – all them nasty plastic cups.

If he shows up with a tartan rug we're doomed.

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17 thoughts on “York The Elder

  1. I loved York dungeons but it was 10+ years ago so it may have drastically changed. Oh and i was a kid at the time so easily impressed LOL

    Hope you have a fun trip

  2. It’s probably too late now but there’s a lovely restaurant near the cathedral called something like cafe cadenza or something, but if you go inside there’s musical instruments all over the walls and the back room’s wallpapered in sheet music. The food’s great and the ambience is pretty damn cool.

  3. The Viking Museum! I loved it, but then, all the mannequins looked like my great-uncles. Don’t miss the cathedral, or the Shambles, and walk the wall. We went on a ghost tour which was pretty fun if you like that kind of thing. happy anniversary!

  4. Jorvik Viking Center, and um….ARC…Archeological R-something Center. Jorvik had this great ride through a recreation of a viking settlement, with sound effects (including farting noises – I was 8, it was brilliant) and narration.

    There was a lovely toy shop called Angels, lots of “novelties”. I’d say go to the Fudge Kitchen, but there’s one of the on the Royal Mile now, so it’s not such a rarity. I used to make a bee-line for the Fudge Kitchen in York, I think I could locate it by smell.

  5. 3 years, 3 years!!!! God, I feel old. Congratulations.

    I’ve been planning to go to York since I got here (about 8 years ago) but it always seems to be more hassle and expense than hopping in a plane and heading off to Europe although Sue sounds enthusiastic and I enjoyed a day trip to Canterbury a couple of years ago.

    Have fun!

    Scott F 🙂

  6. I hope you had fun in York! I lived there for three years and it is one of my favourite places in the whole world (and still only half an hour away, so I visit now and then). The minster’s pretty special indeed.

  7. 3 years! Gosh, it seems like just yesterday that I was reading about you getting married! My how time flies!!

  8. Thanks Rebecca – I’m going to have the Grand old Duke of York song in my head all day now!


    Hope you have a fun anniversary trip!

  9. No doubt way too late, but somewhere near the Minster–don’t ask me where, those narrow little streets threw me every time I was there–there’s a little church tucked back off the street that’s actually very nice. I mean, literally in the shadow of the minster, and also figuratively, but nice, especially for a change of pace while also staying within the whole “church” genre.
    Also, as a Classicist, I’m officially required to point out that the Roman stuff under the minster is pretty cool, and there’s some fun Roman stuff in the museum over near the Ouse.

  10. It’s totally too late, but I have to vote for the Jorvik viking centre too! I got a pencil sharpener from there and I remember something about fossilised poo – so what could be better than those two things? NOTHING!

  11. Someone told me there’s a pub called the Kings Arms in York that gets flooded so often that you have to wear wellies inside it. However, I’m not sure if this will be a great attraction for you what with living up here in Scotland, and all the pi$$ing rain we’re having at the moment!

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