Peacock Watch

This here “blog” is eight years old today. Celebrating tonight by finishing off painting the living room then life can begin again.


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16 thoughts on “Peacock Watch

  1. Congrats on the 8 years!

    I’m always amazed to run into foxes in the big bad city, don’t know what I’d do if a peacock crossed my path 🙂

  2. Eight! That’s impressive. Hope the painting went well – it does take over every facet of your existence, doesn’t it?

  3. How can it be eight? about five MINUTES ago it was seven…?

    What’s with the peacock? Don’t you have scabby old pigeons in your little scotsish town? very posh.

  4. seriously, peacocks in your streets? Are they people’s pets? Or “wild”? Or?

    Man, that’s weird! Who woulda thunk….

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