The Browns

Some people get the blues, Holly Golightly got the mean reds. I think I have the browns! I've been splashing round in denial for months but today I am just going to admit to myself that things have gone a bit brown.

Brown is not all bad, you know. It's a nice hue for those with ginger hair and brown eyes. But it also the colour of shit.

So. I have this wee list of things – job husband family friends authoring health sanity hundreds of strangers who write and ask me how to fix their lives – and I'm screwing it all up. Sometimes my priorities have been completely wrong. Despite my lists! Why put "send Mothership text message" on a list? It would be quicker to send the text, DICKHEAD!

Anyway I am just about to put on my brown boots and my brown hoodie then head to London on the sleeper train and write things down that aren't lists. Sorting out the rubbish in my head instead of ignoring it. Just in London for a day – hitting the shops with Rhiannon and our mate Margaret. I've been too lazy to buy new clothes for a couple of years and I'm tired of looking boring. And BROWN!

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11 thoughts on “The Browns

  1. We all have THOSE times. They suck, plain and simple. Feels like you’re trying madly to dig yourself out, but you’re just throwing more dirt on top of the pile that’s covering you already.

    Hope you have fun shoppping – that definitely should be top of your priority list!

  2. Maaaan, brown is teh awesome. [I mean, if it’s the theme colour of DYHAXLIT, of COURSE it’s awesome! Come on!]

    I seem to be seeing black, meself. What can I say, I’m… err… patriotic…

  3. My colour is grey and I totally get what you’re saying! It’s so important to look after yourself too you know hon. Of course you know that. You give other people so much of yourself that I truly hope you take a step back and be selfish for a moment – enjoy just being and being in the present – not worry about what you have to be doing. What do you really WANT to be doing right now? 🙂

  4. Oh Shauny – when I think of you I think of a bright orange! Not because you have ginger hair (which is beautiful) and not because you live in scotland (with all the other ginger nuts) – but because It is my absolute favourite colour and I think it rocks!

    Good luck with the girlie retail therapy. Enjoy. Go and try on ridiculously expensive clothes in bond st or something (and then go to H&M and buy like 10 items for 20quid!) and enjoy yourselves. Then go do cocktails! And get drunk in the middle of the day and catch a bus/tube home!
    It’s soo what I would do if I wasn’t 8 months pregnant and look like a telly-tubby!

    Stay cool chicken. We all love you cos you do let us know when things are bright and cheerie, as well as when the shine has dulled a bit!


  5. Oh but brown is ace! Have you never seen the Reeves and Mortimer ‘Brown Tour’ – inspired because everything around them seemed to be brown?
    Any hoodie I buy is brown, anything else just doesn’t seem right…
    Re: Lists. Do you also put ‘write list’ at the top of the list so that once you have finished writing it you get to tick something off? I highly recommend it…

  6. Oh shauny! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve had so much on lately it’s understandable that things would get a bit overwhelming!
    It’s always good to take time out for yourself, to get a bit of perspective, & realise that even if it does feel like you’re “screwing it all up”, it’s not the end of the world. And chances are, the people in your life probably don’t think you’re screwing up at all!

    Hope the break is exactly what you need 🙂

  7. Yes, I know how you feel too. Lists can be helpful, but sometimes they can sit there on the fridge (or wherever you stick them) and send out guilt-inducing radiation.

    I’m sure a bit of Sister Time should help, though. Have a nice time! And I hope they still bring you morning tea on the sleeper.

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