I Ain’t Got Nothin’

temptations.jpgOn a bit of a Temptations bender this week. This could be a contender for the greatest lyrics of all time:

Every stove has a fire
and every car has a tire.

Every fish has a bowl
and every shoe has a sole.

Everybody's got something but me.

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9 thoughts on “I Ain’t Got Nothin’

  1. Who knew that such simple lyrics could be so heartbreaking? Have you listened to the “Once” soundtrack, or indeed seen the movie? Highly recommend. x

  2. My husband, back when he was at Uni, had a roommate who used to sit on his side of the room with his guitar, strumming chords and trying to come up with suitably angsty lyrics to go with them. One of his most memorable first lines was:

    “I’m sitting here, alone,
    Wrapped in my own arms…”

    That’s it. That’s as far as he ever got. If only he’d been a Temptation! Alas, we will never know how great that song would have sounded as a five-part harmony.

  3. Hi
    Long time lurker first time poster
    What has brought me out of my lurking is the fact that I have seen the infamous “Shocked Baby chocolate.” I am in Moscow and was very excited (possibly too excited but who cares) when I saw the baby on the label when I was in the fancy food store in GUM a few days ago. I was going to buy one there and then but thought it was a bit pricey (I am a tightarse backpack afterall plus have lived in Scotland for nearly a year and picked up their tightarsed nature). Instead I just took a photo. But I found the chocolate at a normal grocery store and bought a bar of it. It’s not bad but has a bit of a funny aftertaste. Can’t tell you how excited I was to see it.
    But even more exciting if you can believe it was seeing Lenin. I completely understand the need you had to see him in his tomb. I can’t believe people can leave Moscow without seeing the guy. Was so brilliant. And surreal.
    By the way, thought I should also let you know that I am a quasi stalker. I moved to Edinburgh and am now obviously doing your Russia/baltics trip as well.
    As Lenin would say, Must crush capitalism.

  4. SSB – That sounds fab! I will be all over that like a rash.

    Trish – That is pure genius really ๐Ÿ™‚

    LaLa – I’ve not seen that movie! Will have to add it to the list for Winter DVDs (when it’s too dark outside to do anything but watch fillums)

    edge – COOL! glad you delurked! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also I am so glad that chocolate still exists now that capitalism is so rampant. thought maybe they only sold choc with louis vuitton logos now. glad you liked creepy lenin too! whereto next on your travels?

    NB FOLKS – speaking of LV, i am getting SO MUCH BLOODY COMMENT SPAM that i’ve had to set the spam score rather high so most times i need to manually approve comments. sorry about this but please don’t let it stop the banter ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I wanted to post this on the last entry, but comments are closed. Anyway, I really like that line “People who are interested are interesting.” That’s very true!

  6. Ingrid, I can’t believe they’re still playing. Longevity, eh! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ARRGH I’m sorry about the STEWWWWWWWPID comments folks. The spam just keeps on comin’.

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