The Doctor Rocks Again

Back in our courting days Gareth was in a band. He’d disappear into a manky studio every Saturday with his mates, make a racket and then sit around eating pizza. That is when I discovered tuna and sweetcorn is considered a tasty topping in Scotland.

Gareth played the bass, which is a very foxy instrument. I positively swooned when I first saw him on stage and knew I had to marry him. But alas, the band disbanded not long after that gig. Gareth pursued solo projects.

Then this year he joined a new band. I was all a-quiver until I heard the band already had a bass player. Dr. G would be at the keyboard. That’s hardly the sexiest of instruments, is it?

Rick Wakeman and Yanni.
Rick Wakeman and Yanni

Not only that, he’d be doing fancy bleeps and samples and stuff, which meant he’d be nicking off with George the Powerbook all the time and leaving me stuck with the stupid PC.

But when I saw him playing a gig a few weeks ago I realised the appeal was not about the instrument but about the bloke. It is exciting to watch someone do something they love to do. The faraway expression, the intense concentration. People who are interested are interesting. Therefore I’ll be taking up skydiving, stripping, and sword fighting in order to keep the magic alive.

Meanwhile, Dr. G’s fame is spreading across the land. The other night the band was playing in a pub in deepest darkest Fife and a girl came up to him.

“Is your name Gareth?”


“D’you go wi’ a lassie called Shauna?”


“I read her book!”


“She wrote about her man Gareth playing in bands so I wondered if it was you! Wah-hey! I’ve read all about you… being romantic and that!”

“Aww man.

A technical hitch.

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12 thoughts on “The Doctor Rocks Again

  1. You are FAMOUS! And so is Dr G! He must be thrilled!

    Now… I can’t help it, but when you said keyboards I thought of 2 people:

    Ross from Friends… tee hee hee
    Jim Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210.

    Oh noes.

  2. Oh heavens I have such a thing for musicians, especially guitarists, and if they happen to sing, too, well, forget about it, that’s me hopelessly smitten as a kitten. Thing is, they don’t even have to be terribly good. Also, guitarists? Great with their hands!

  3. Hee hee, we all know more about Dr. G than he ever dreamed!

    Of course, I’ve let loose a few details about my own DH over the years, haven’t I?

    What in the world does “manky” mean? I heard it on the UK original version of The Office recently. “A dismal manky world,” I think it was.

    Hey, I play the bass too! (sort of) am I foxy?

  4. One of my Swedish friends told me that “American pizza” sold in Sweden has corn toppings. Shocking-I’m an adventurous eater but I’ve never seen pizza topped with corn in the US.

    I played the bass clarinet in a community orchestra one year in high school-definitely not foxy. Still remember the concert when my register key failed & I had to transpose on the fly to a lower register.

    Good on Dr G-now he can be famous too!

  5. Marla, manky usually means (here anyways) some dark, dingy place… usually with a smell, hehe… maybe it means something more glitsy in scotland??

    My ex was a bassist… and, I know the look you mean! Martin gets the look when he’s doing some crafty like woodworking or something… a sense of purposement (is that a word??) and satisfaction, being at peace 🙂

  6. yeah marla! yer foxy! and anji’s manky description is right on 🙂

    cheers for the comments folks. i get keep getting weird errors but hopefully it will work now…

  7. I have only ever had two boyfriends, and coincidentally both of them have played the organ. Cue many tasteless jokes from my friends. Not only that, once you set up home, a large organ takes up quite a lot of space in your front room. (There is NO way to write that sentence that doesn’t sound double-entendre-ish. I do apologise.)

    And then my sister’s boyfriend has recently taken up playing the ukulele. Really I think you’re getting off lightly.

    Poor old Gareth (though I don’t recall you saying ANYTHING uncomplimentary in the book… you didn’t even put the maggoty – and indeed manky – helmet episode in, did you!)

  8. Dr G looking cool. We have a wee recording studio over here at Loth Towers, maybe you should send him over to talk geeky-music talk with The Husband!

  9. The mister is a (part-time) guitarist and makes what we call “bass-face” when on stage.

    It’s a dopey look obviously not limited to bass players.

    Since he took up ukelele he looks like a gorilla with a tiny little guitar. He likes to play George Michael songs on it, which is when I pull the bassface.

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