Look to the Cookie

My first black and white cookie
Our New York hols are sadly at an end. This here is a black and white cookie as seen on Seinfeld ten years ago; I had to give it a crack. It’s cakey as opposed to cookie-ish, nice and spongey with deliciously gooey icing. Like someone ran over a lamington, then stripped off the coconut. Sorta. Phwoar 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Look to the Cookie

  1. Thats what i was going to say.. looks like a black & white neenish tart!! yum !! havent had one of them for years !!

  2. just a girl – thanks for that link, i’m hooked on that site now!

    for some reason i keep thinking these cookies will taste of icing and nothing else…hope you had a great hol shauna!

  3. cheers for the comments folks… i’m baaaack and spazzy with jetlag.

    Nerida – Kinda like a neenish tart, except it’s the size of your head! 🙂

    Just a girl – oooh i love Smitten Kitchen! thanks for the link – might have to give em a go 🙂

  4. That pastry is called an “American” in Germany… how befitting…

    Hope you had a great time in one of my favourite cities… looking forward to reading about it!


  5. Hi Shauna! I just wanted to say how much I like your blog and your writing. I was on the internet at work, and our internet filter blocked me from reading your blog because it has “pussy” in the title! Too funny.

    I must agree with your other commenters…isn’t the black and white cookie a Nienish tart? Who knows. I haven’t eaten either of them, but they look the same. But whatever, a cake is a cake is a cake, and I ain’t complaining if I’m eating one!

    Thanks again for the great writing.

    Love Carla

  6. The size of your head? That’s disturbing, and you don’t even have a particularly large head or anything…

    They look delicious nevertheless.

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