The Plastic Menace

hazard.jpgCheers to my colleague Simon for passing on this BBC News article: Washing up bowls 'a health hazard'

"Many commonly used kitchen implements are a threat to health and should be thrown away, scientists have warned.

Washing up bowls and re-usable dish clothes are thought to be a particularly good breeding ground for bugs."

The article is from December 2000. If I'd seen it at the time it may have killed my longing to move to the UK, especially with this quote from Professor Hugh Pennington of the University of Aberdeen, one of Britain's leading infection experts:

"I would like to get rid of washing-up bowls altogether. They are an absolute menace."

In other news, blogging veteran Matt Haughey wrote an interesting post last week about blog comments and how he feels they've become a bit shit over the years:

"I have a feeling that if you've only seen blogs in the past five years (which is probably 95+% of people reading blogs today) you consider comments to be de rigueur and they are entirely divorced from the original concept of a conversation between the reader and the author of the original post. It's not an intimate conversation, it's just another content management feature available to you on the web.

This has a de-humanizing effect that I'm seeing play out more and more often in the weirdest places. People will post about their idle curiosities on their personal blog ("Why does x happen when I do y?") and instead of seeing friendly answers I would expect many years ago, I'll often see someone early on read into the question and assume all sorts of accusations ("well, maybe it's because you are a, b, and c, and everyone knows it!") and watch most followup comments start from there and go into darker directions."

Well, you do see more moronic semi-literate bawbags popping up these days, but it seems to be mostly on really mega personal blogs of Dooceian proportions. I have more issues with shameless pimpsters that skim one entry and write, Great Post, Shauna! This reminds me of my stupid diet pills / miracle face cream/ revolutionary health website which is 10,000 times more infuriating than the olden days of automated comment spam, because at least that was done by a machine!

At least with the blogs I stalk… there is plenty o' cosy chit chat goodness to be found. And here – 105 comments debating the merits of washing dishes in a plastic bowl? That's the sort of thing that makes you want to hump the internet with ecstasy.

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10 thoughts on “The Plastic Menace

  1. Well, I do tend to agree very much with the blog comment thing, What happened to the days of people addressing the author as opposed to just addressing each other in comments, I mean that kind of dialogue is good too, oh I don’t know. Who’s to say who’s wrong or right, I blame all the bloody My Space, emo kiddies for ruining it all though. I also just read throught the washing up bowl saga, truly Scotland is a land of wonder, putting a bowl in your sink (which is essentially a bowl), who ever thought of such madness? Brilliant!

  2. omg. I love the internet more than i love getting things done and having a life etc, but I’ve never yet wanted to hump it in ecstasy!

  3. Good post Shauna – your readers may be interested to hear about my new, patented, antibacterial washing up bowl, available from all good retailers for £50….

    Bah. I love my bowl, menace or not! I’m sure my good health is due to the, em, toughening effect of ongoing mankiness.

  4. I went home after reading (and commenting on) The Great Washing Up Bowl debate and found myself standing at my sink, looking at my bowl, and wondering whether I should throw it out. I thought about it but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think it’s genetically inbred. I look forward to hearing about the next Scottish character peculiarity you bring squealing out into the light of day!

  5. Who wants to be squeaky clean anyway? Ruins the immune system…

    And who DEFINITELY doesn’t like admitting they’ve got weirdo habits with no rationale behind them (looks shamefaced).

  6. I think someone SO needs to do a comic strip about washing up bowls titled “The Plastic Menace”. Please, Shauny, can it be you?????????

    With the whole comments thing, it’s so horrible when you see people’s blogs littered with trolls sniping at each other like as if they’re on the Yoo Toobs. I do feel blogging itself, like the whacky storytelling variety (that I like!), is becoming the daggy Betamax of the internet world, with people favouring Facebook and Twitter and all that shiz.

    Here’s an interesting article for ya, scamp.

  7. oh throw that nasty bowl away I hate them.

    I also hate twitty little things, but I do so like telling the world about my fascinating life as a smelly weed encrusted fish. i do not think the world could do without that.

    humping in solidarity,


  8. Well this is a proud moment for me.

    I’ve just this very minute finished reading the ENTIRE archive of WNP… and then discovered you had posted a new entry! Woot!

    So this means that no longer will I be disturbing my cubicle mates with muffled sniggering or spray my monitor with water. Shame.

    You should be pleased to note that I wasted approx 2 weeks worth of my employers time on here.. well done!

    Oh and it is not the washing up bowl in my flat (cos we don’t have one) but the draining tray that is more than likely harbouring bacteria… it’s a wee bit whiffy… prob should do sommat about that..hmmm

  9. Well, I’m 58 and have been using a washing up bowl all my life and I’m still here. Long live bugs. But maybe with your healthy Australian upbringing you need to be a bit more careful? We don’t want to lose you!

    The answer is probably that Dr G should do all the washing up?

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