Fusion Cooking

Haggis, cheese and panini – together at last. But £5.65?!

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11 thoughts on “Fusion Cooking

  1. Around here you generally pay more for a baked tattie & filling than you do for a sandwich 🙂

    Those prices were for eating in the cafe, btw… but still a bit rich if you ask me!

  2. So, i’ve seen canned Vegetarian Haggis…. what on earth does that taste like? Have you tried the “real” guts before? And, how do they compare? I’ve been curious since I also just recently saw it again on the shelves here… middle of nowhere in Canada….


  3. Beats the heck out of one establishment I had the misfortune of visiting while on holiday some 30 years ago. For the then princely sum of £50 price fixe we were treated to a sourkraut pancake with whipped cream and the most revolting haggis I’ve ever had … right down to the maggots! I see by a Google search that that establishment no longer graces the Glasgow gastronomic scene.

    Thank goodness for small favors.

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    You can’t adulterate haggis with cheese! You just CAN’T! It’s sick and wrong!

    Oh dear. I have to go away for a wee lie down, that photo made me so faint …


  5. My dear husband claims he thinks haggis and cheese sounds like a tasty combo. If you tell me where this delicacy was available, I may make him put his money (or haggis) where his mouth is!

  6. MMmmmmm. Hold me back.
    Did you have some?

    Also, can you get mangoes over there? I had an argument today with someone.

    thx for the flick comment btw, the child was very excited to have a “celebrity” comment
    hee hee.

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