Non-Stop Girls

“Is this how you spell fragile?” Gareth asked.

“Umm… sure.”


We’re moving house this weekend and so our brains are melting. I’d forgotten how much of a palaver it is – I’d mentally skipped ahead of the part where you’re kicking back with a bucket of wine in the new place. But first you have to rediscover dusty lost socks and pack up all the tangled cords from Gadgets of Yesteryear.


(Just a quick explanation if you don’t read my other blog: we’re in the midst of selling our flat and renting a house. We had initially planned to buy one, but the bank with our savings in it collapsed last month. Long, tedious, and bloody annoying story!)

Packing up our worldly goods has uncovered a few forgotten treasures, such as this handsome portrait that Gareth’s pal nicked straight from the wall of a barber shop when they were sixteen:


And this business card that G received at a conference in Bucharest a few years ago. Quality!


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9 thoughts on “Non-Stop Girls

  1. wow, things move fast over there for moving! Here you have to give two months notice before you can do anything… so, usually two months to give notice of leaving… and then you pray you can find a house/apartment in the next 7 weeks… as everyone gives their notice the first of the month, it’s almost a crap-shoot if you get a place or not….

    I hope you get your savings all back, the thieven bastards, but perhaps this little bit of time will help you find the perfect spot!

    So, who’s cuttin’ the grass? Can you get a goat?

  2. Rent an apartment in Bucharest and get escort girls and male?

    What more could you want?

    I’m sure if you got a hairdo just like the portrait above you’d be stars in no time!

    Who needs money in the bank when you’re a star with a hairdo like that and an apartment with girls and a male on call?

    It sounds like you should ditch the wee patch of grass idea and move to Romania:)


  3. Anji – i can assure you that things move just as bloody slow here when it comes to moving! our flat-selling-rental-finding process started many weeks ago but I don’t like to jinx things by blogging about them until I know they’re confirmed 🙂

    And, amazingly, the landlords have a gardener so we don’t have to do a thing to the grass! hee heeeeeeeee!

    Katey – ain’t it a work of art? i bet that guy got all the chicks back in the day 🙂

    LaLa – stoopid spam comments! they used to take a week to arrive but now they come within minutes of a new entry. GRRR.

  4. My beau is moving to my city this weekend! Closing was today and the movers haul his stuff from his town to mine tomorrow. I hate packing most of all and am very glad that he and his Mom tackled that without me. Tonight I’m cleaning at his new place so everything will be sparkly when he moves in tomorrow. EEE!!!

    Good luck with the rest of your move! Hang Hairdo Guy somewhere central!

  5. good luck with the move..

    it must be the weekend for moving, about 5 others I know are moving too!

    and a move is always good for a clean out, you never know what you’re going to find!

  6. ARRRRRRRRGH! Getting so much comment spam on this entry. It is impossible to keep up with em. Will close comments ofr now…. thanks groovers 🙂

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