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We’ve been moved for a month now and have finally recovered from the soul-sapping trauma of two trips to Ikea.


It took ages to get the internet hooked up. Gareth being a curmudgeon really relished the return to the dark ages, but after three weeks even he cracked and went over to his folks’ place to check his emails. His father hovered behind his shoulder, explaining how the world wide web contraption worked.

“If you need to find something, press House.”


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10 thoughts on “Press House

  1. Haha. Reminds me of my Grandma. She’s 85 and got dial up a couple of years ago, when I complained about how slow it was and questioned whether it irritated her or not she said she just played solataire whilst the pages loaded.

  2. Props for 2 trips to Ikea in a month.
    My fella will only allow an annual trip and then never on a weekend.
    I spend the rest of the year planning the trip out with the cattledogue so as to make the most of it.

  3. Aw, bless. House! A bit like bingo. To quote “Clueless”, old people are so cute.

    It took me two years to get my mum to understand that you could look at the internet while your emails were downloading into Outlook. I don’t think she realised the computer could do more than one thing at once.

    I’ve got her on Gmail now, and Firefox, I’ve and taught her how to make hyperlinks, something of which she’s very proud. She’s getting there, although she hasn’t yet got the hang of Googling for something rather than asking me.

    I usually do it for her and send her a link from Passive aggression.

  4. Hehe, nice one Abs 🙂

    Croila, bawbag is such a brilliant word. Never fails to make me bust a gut laffin!

  5. Heh – that comment from his dad had me in stitches. Very much like my mother. She’s finally getting a bit better and tells me off when I explain things in “simpleton” speak!

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