Inauguration Day

Times Square, Inauguration Day One of my favourite Scottish phrases is “jammy bastard” which means “a very lucky person”. After drowning the phone and losing my wedding ring last week, this one has been indeed smeared in jammy goodness. I’m in New York! I came over last Thursday to go on The Early Show on Friday. But then my segment got bumped (due to an obviously more newsworthy landing of a plane in the Hudson River) to Wednesday and now it’s been bumped to Thursday so I’ve been forced to extend my stay.

Such hardship! Who knows if I’ll ever get on the bloody telly, but comrades… unexpected New York holiday. You cannae beat that!

Today I moseyed down to Times Square to soak up the inauguration atmosphere on the big screens. I’ve never heard so many woohoos and allllllrights and dang I been waitin’ for this day all my lifes. The massive cheer when Obama got sworn in, oooh it gave me shivers. Must admit I was a little teary.

Then Obama did his bigass speech. His voice, the closed captions and the video were all out of sync so it was very confusing and people’s attention started to wander and there were as many people saying let’s get a coffee as YOU DA MAN NOW!ArethaAre you preparedAnd stay out!

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13 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

  1. You huge star, you! Good luck on the show!

    I read his speech, as I didn’t really have time to watch, but I thought it was quite good. Would have loved to see some American reactions in person.

  2. Michael was there in Times Square, too! We’ve been trying to watch the speech online tonight. Atmosphere in our office was great. Everything came to a halt and everyone gathered around the TV set in our little “break” area. BTW, if your stay gets extended even further, you’re welcome at our little Burns night on Saturday!

  3. Pitlochry ate my wedding ring and my engagement ring when I was there last September. I’m not sure why I feel the need to tell you this. Oh wait, I do – it’s because I’m still bitter. Curse you, Pitlochry!


  4. I’m so very jealous that you were there. Sounds like you needed some jamminess after 2009 mishaps so far, especially about the wedding ring!

    I’m not sure what to make of Barack Obama being beneath Billy Elliott in the pictures though! Talk about prime advertising.

    Glad to hear your tales too :0) CPx

  5. Ooooh, must have been very exciting. I was in New York the day of the election and the buzz in that city when Obama was named the winner was awesome!

  6. You lucky jammy bastard you. Stranded in New York during inauguration day, tough times, tough times, for an international star. 😉

    Hope you find your wedding ring, sparkling clean and stinking of lavender, very soon. Maybe it’s in the basmati?

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