Three Times A Lady

If there’s anyone left out there, apologies for the ongoing crapness. Every freaking time I post an entry the comment spam starts pouring in within half an hour and is there anything more demoralising than getting New Comment Posted emails only to find it’s Crazy Bob and his performance enhancing drugs.

I’m planning to move this blog off Movable Type and import it into my TypePad account (where Dietgirl resides with minimal fuss) before I head to Oz in four weeks. It will mean almost nine years of broken links because this blog is all PHP and TypePad doesn’t do that. But I never knew what PHP meant so I had no business messing around with it. It will be worth manually editing 1,064 entries just so I can forget about the back-end bollocks and look forward to clicking the New Post button. Giddyup!


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12 thoughts on “Three Times A Lady

  1. Delurking again briefly to say congrats to The Mothership, I’ve loved reading about your relationship over the years. Also, I love DG (including the book), but WNP will always be my favourite.

  2. Good for you for getting a solution.

    But Australia! Wahoo! How exciting! How long are you going for.

    It’s going to be a memorable trip I’m sure.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about it already.


  3. Another congratulations for the Mothership. Because of the nature of the blog (being about you and everything) when you spring something like that it comes as such a surprise (“I didn’t even know she was dating!!”) – a bit like watching a film were all the loose ends aren’t tied up properly. Next I’ll be cross-examining you about Rhi’s love life 😉

    I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating every little bit of What’s New Pussycat we can get though so keep at it.

    As for the house move – I been in London 9 years now and been in 9 different flats. And I think landlords get a bit less “sell-happy” in the descending market. That and the prices are still falling for houses so when you defrost your Icelandic banking, you should be in a much better state than last year. It does give you the chance to get all creative though as you try a different place to live.

    Good luck and happy weddings!

    Scott F 🙂

  4. Rock on Moms! I must say too that this is my favorite blog, the one I found first.

    Have a great vacate!

  5. Shauna! You’re coming to Oz? Don’t suppose you will be over in my neck of the woods at all?


  6. Shauna, it is all your fault I started blogging. WNP was the first blog I ever read and, being thus inspired, I started one of my own. That site has since gone to poo (ie. it folded, taking all my witty [not] entries with it), but I will forever thank you for kickstarting my blog life. I accidentally met a gorgeous bloke through the comments and we are still together after 4 years. Strange twist of fate: we are currently in the town where I went to high school in the Central West of NSW. Orange to be precise (Sings *We are your television, with you all the time, Mid State Televsion, siiiix, eight, niiiiine…*). I can’t go to Woolies here without thinking of the Mothership and her penchant for those bygone specials. 😀 Go Mothership!

    And go WNP. Long may the pussycat live, in whatever form. XXXXX

  7. Congratulations to the mothership!

    Let us know if you are in Sydney for any time – would love to come and say a quick hello.

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