Valentine’s Morning

SHAUNA:  You've stolen all the blankets AGAIN!

GARETH:  What we need is separate blankets.

S:  Why not separate beds?

G:  Why not separate houses?

S:  Why not separate countries?

G:  Yeah, great idea! I grew here, you flew here! As the saying goes.

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8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Morning

  1. Years ago my husband instigated the two doona policy for winter times, and we’ve never looked back šŸ˜‰

  2. haha.
    My BF and I haven’t shared blankets in years. I get cold, he gets hot. We both have down comforters of different weights on our full size bed.
    I guess we snuggle in a weird kind of way.

  3. OMG, my husband and I have the same battles. We even have a king sized bed. I have a feather comforter on the side of the bed in case it ‘get’s too cold’ aka my DH stole all the blankets!

  4. tis very european to have 2 doonas (the swiss & austrians are right into it), i found it somewhat isolating when it came to snuggling, i prefer unencumbered access to the man-powered bed heater.

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