I Like Budgies

Following on from the whole Baby or Budgie debate, while in Australia I found evidence that Dr G and I were destined to be together. It seems we've both wanted the same thing all along! While pawing through a folder full of stories I'd scribbled as a five year old, we found this:

I like budgies

I like budugies. Can't spell them but I like them! FATE, I tell you.

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9 thoughts on “I Like Budgies

  1. Okay since I’m from the states/midwest I have no idea…forgive the stupidity…but what is a budgie??? I realize it’s a type of bird but what kind? O.o

  2. weird, we’ve always called them budgies in Canada! Hmmm… I always thought a parakeet was something bigger, more scarier? Like, that could poke out your eyes or something?? hehe

    Good luck with the kids vs. budgie debate!

  3. When she was six, my sister went on a class trip to the Gold of the Pharaohs exhibition, and subsequently produced a drawing labelled “The Golden Fururoonarl Mask”.

    This had such a cheering effect on all who saw it that Mum framed it and hung it on the wall. Possibly the most amusement ever caused by the word “funeral”. The mask looks very cheery.

  4. Alright! Now I know! Thanks! Well now that I know, I recommend the budgie…babies are cute…maybe you should babysit? That usually cures my need for the babies O.o

  5. I Like Budgie’s eh. Have you introduced to the scottish to the phrase Budgy smuggler?
    Re previous entry on business class. I travel Businessclass to the UK between 4-6 times a year. I get business class embarrassement and hide behind a magazine as people walk by. The seceretly peek at Economy while in business class and shudder later on in the flight.

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