Trouble in Paradise

We’ve moved house again; a little house with rural views to the rear complete with enormous pile of cow shite. Inspired by all that fertiliser we’ve planted some herbs and tomatoes and have already become emotionally involved with their fate. Every time the house creaks and gurgles during the night I worry it’s the sound of little plants hurling themselves out of pots.

No phone or internet yet but been fooling around with a little Wacom tablet. I’m no Loobylu but it’s fun chucking yourself into something new for the pure hell of it, instead of wondering if it’s the right move or the proper next thing. Reveling in your crapness with no expectations. Will try not to put it in the washing machine.


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6 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

  1. Too cute – I love it when you can be comfortable enought to insult eachother and know that you mean totally the opposite of what you say… too cute drawings too!

  2. lol…you’ve just crossed over into crazy/weird world…but I love it!

    Um, and why are you shaped like a hexagon and Dr. G a square…I’ve seen you both and you’ve got much better shapes 😀

  3. OK. I have been resisting the whole Wacom thing because, much though I would love to play with one, the only people I know who have them are people who draw webcomics, and have done for years, and, you know, have a really good excuse to have one.

    Now you’ve got one.

    Hmmm. I wonder how expensive they are…

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