It was a mighty 26 degrees here yesterday (79F), which pretty much constitutes a heatwave in Dunfermline. Sunglasses were needed in the high street to combat the blinding glare from pale topless men. Anything higher than 15 degrees then off come the jumpers and jackets and out come the bellies, concave or curvy.

At the newsagents.

Down at the park the hillside was strewn with more bare-chested bodies. Birds sang and unprotected Scottish skin barbecued. On the bus the old ladies who moaned about the endless winter last week now moaned about the relentless heat. Hellish, they called it.

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21 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. I don’t know what’s scarier – that they can call a temperature in the 20’s (68-86 for you Americans!) a heatwave, or that I’ve been here (in London) long enough that *I’m* finding it really hot at those temperatures!

    That said, after last year’s appalling summer, I’m enthusiastically enjoying the sun and hoping it manages to stay visible for the rest of the summer!

    …I’m a guy and even I think the guys walking topless look stupid. Women topless, on the other hand… 😉

  2. Hey, I’ll have you know that compared with most Scots the guy in the photo is brown as a nut! The rest of start off blue and might get to pink if it’s really hot for a very long time. With lots of burning and blistering and peeling along the way.

    And by the way, it’s turned chilly again, so bring lots of layers, prepare for every eventually. Crowded House were singing about the UK (Scotland more so I think) when they sang about 4 seasons in one day.

  3. You could have warned me.. that’s put me right off my turkish toastie.

    It’s raining and cold here – the world is crazy.

  4. The guy has no shirt yet is wearing jeans (or long shorts…?)

    Missing the 20s something weather. In Sydney where the weather is 13-17 degrees (the start of winter) and I’m wishing it was summer again!

  5. Charlene – It’s a top of 15C today, so the freak heatwave is over! WAH! Then predicted to be 12C tomorrow and 13C on friday. A Sydney winter is generally much warmer than a Scottish summer, hehe 🙂

    Bronny – so true! my skin is like that, i’ve gone native!

    j – i recommend a raincoat and midgie repellent. i hope you have a faaaaaaaaabulous time!

  6. I was walking along the street (in Sydney) this afternoon and thinking how completly nuts we all are – temperature was close to 20 degrees and I (and everyone else around me) was rugged up in a cardigan and woollen scarf… That said, it was up to 43 degrees this summer, so its probably a similar range to that of scotland.

    Shauna – it’s great to hear from you, hope your internet’s online so you can spoil us once more with your lovely writing 🙂

    (lurker – first time poster)

  7. Bwaha! It was 34C today, and it’s only the beginning of June! Since I’m walking 6-8 blocks from my car to the office, I am definitely considering doing it without my shirt.

  8. Whatever happened to “no shirt, no shoes, no service”?

    Even if a man is built I don’t want to see him walking around with his shirt off. I must be a prude.

  9. Gosh, how different things are on the other side of the globe. It was 14C here (NSW, Australia) today, which included heaters on and full winter wardrobe being dragged out of the moth balls.

  10. OMG…79F is hot? Really….wow they need to come summer in Texas one year…(granted NYC is pretty miserable in August)

  11. Good GOD! Horrible!!

    There is evidently some kind of strange time/space wormhole: I think we swapped weather for about 10 days. I was about to go and get an S.A.D light, but it seems to have swapped back now, thank goodness.

  12. I’m with Carolyn. I work in retail, so am extra glad that people have to have a shirt on to come in and shop. You obviously need that rule there too.

  13. I am such a cynic – my dear one was proclaiming that it was 39 degrees on the day of the scottish cup final… and I spent an hour on the web trying to find proof. It’s really hard to find the weather from a day before. It turns out it was 27 and the rangers players were just being wimps! But I remember my time in Scotland in June and it was soo cold I had to buy a ski jacket – so in comparison 26 would be considered a tad warm.
    Not a nice site a topless scottish man in public – there IS a reason that someone invented football tops!

  14. I was in Edinburgh as a student when it hit the highest temp on record (in Edin or Scotland I’m not sure) which was 31 deg. Not sure if it’s still the highest on record, but I can confirm no work was done by anyone in the city that day. And still there were whinges from some wimpy Europeans about it not being hot.

    It’s all relative…31 degrees is simply tropical here, and shirts come off above about 12 degrees because if they don’t you’d never get the opportunity to. I am sure I read that Scots have some of the worst skin cancer rates because of this very reason, and the predilection for holidays in scorching sun and the poor blue bodies are just not ready for it (combined with the inherent gingeriness of all celts). Red splotches abound.

  15. now that I think on this, I do believe that Queensland was latgely colonised by the scots, was it not?

  16. In the U.S., we aren’t allowed to go in a store without a shirt. “No shirt, no shoes, no service” is the rule. Sure, we can wear a bathing suit or a beaten-up tank top. We have standards, you know. Yeah…

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