England! Land of red telephone booths…


Fine fayre…


And fierce creatures.

Anguished of Alnwick Castle

We had a great day pootling down the Northumberland Coast with the in-laws yesterday, one of those times when you remember OH YEAH I'm living in a foreign land and there is still so much to see. I always forget that the border is just over an hour away. I've been to London a dozen times and once got stranded at Bristol airport but apart that I've not really seen anything of merry old England after six years. FOR SHAME!

The main project of the day was to catch a boat to the Farne Islands to see the kazillion nesting seabirds. The boat was packed with bird nerds in woolly jumpers. Look! Guillemot! Shag! Cormorant! they crowed from behind their binoculars and long lenses. The commentary was handy as I'm only good at spotting kookaburras and galahs.

Although I know a puffin when I see one, and we saw hundreds. And many angry terns, who were staunchly defending their nests. I grew up on a farm with swooping magpies but they are totally softcock compared to the Arctic tern. These guys are not afraid to peck you on the head then come back for more. It was pure Hitchcock. Check out the feathered action on Flickr!

Just like on the books

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10 thoughts on “Henpecked

  1. Does the photo of the man show that he has only one leg and is that the point? Doesn’t seem like a very nice point if it is…just sayin.

    Otherwise, the photos, specially of the puffins and the food shoo, are fabbulus

  2. he doesn’t have one leg. he was changing into his walking boots. i just realised how obnoxious that must look. humble apologies…

  3. You seem to have all the luck with puffin sightings!

    Who knew there was anohter country to explore so close! :O)

  4. Picture postcard of the puffin – fantastic. Looks like a good day was had by all.

  5. Those puffins are adorable. Love the staircase one. Looks like you had a lovely day for it, the lighthouse picture is beautiful.

  6. Yay! Puffins! I always have a soft spot because of the book connection.

    And I know emus can’t swoop, but they’re buggers for pecking you on the top of the head at times. And they don’t even have to swoop for that…

  7. Sounds like a lovely trip – have a good time!

    You know, my neighbor is Scottish; he lives here now and is married to an American woman (I always mean to ask him if he’s an illegal alien 😉 One time I started chatting to him about our trip to London, how we saw this, and we saw that, and finally when he was able to get a word in edgewise, he told me he’d never been to England.

    Boing! It never occurred to me! Ah well, I’ve never been to Mexico or Canada, and they are also right “next door” although quite a few more miles than Scotland’s nearest border to London…

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