Bitter Pill

I spent Sunday afternoon curled up on the couch, bowled over by cold and fever… or perhaps just the agony of Australia getting slaughtered by England in the cricket.

ME:  I hate losing to England!

GARETH:  Well, now you know what it's like to be Scottish!

ME:  Yeah but, we actually had a chance!


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11 thoughts on “Bitter Pill

  1. You need to be more like me and not care for cricket at all, then I am never upset… but was upset when Spice Girls canned their Australia tour so it’s all relative I suppose…

  2. Bwahaha! I would have been livid at those Spice bints too. How dare they cancel on you!

    To be honest I’m more gutted that my supermarket has stopped stocking my favourite yogurt 🙂 England deserved the win, fer sure.

    I HATED cricket when I lived in Oz because you can never escape from it! The players hogging the telly all summer and flogging Weetbix et al. But over here it’s pleasant – one of many popular sports – so when the Ashes roll round you dip in for six weeks and it’s totally absorbing… then it’s over. Whereas back home it felt like cricket cricket cricket bloody cricket!

  3. The best thing about cricket? Nothing much ever bloody happens! So you can’t miss anything important, and if you do, they replay it endlessly anyway. Perfect for spectators.

    Much as I hate losing to the poms, the past decade or so has been a bit yawn-inducing when you know we’re going to win. Not because we’re great, but because all the other teams are shite. A bit of competition – that’s more like it!

  4. kek, that said, it would have been nice if England and Australia could have both played well IN THE SAME TEST rather than alternating which team collapsed in a tiny little heap.

  5. Well put, Mary! It seemed the first day of every test was spent with heart in mouth wondering, “Which team is going to be completely shit today?” 🙂

  6. Being Scottish I know very little about cricket but must admit to a certain attraction for a game where having tea is part of the rules!

  7. Don’t worry a few more years in Scotland and you won’t give a crap about cricket like the rest of the nation. Then there will just be the agony of the footie and rugby defeats to deal with.

  8. This news made the Wikipedia front page, so I read up on it a bit. Aussies have had possession of The Ashes for like a squillion years, so I think you can rent them out for one 🙂

  9. Too funny! We have EXACTLY the same conversation all the time. I always get the “we invented that…” about sport (and everything) to which I answer “So why arn’t you better at it then?”
    Oh the joys of the banter!

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