Mower on a String

This chap in our neighbourhood has a ingenious way of dealing with his sloping yard. Or does everyone keep their lawnmower on a lead? I'd not seen it before…

UPDATE:  A dude on Flickr tells me Mowers On String are hella common. I plead ignorance as someone who's previously always lived in flat places 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Mower on a String

  1. I’ve only seen this in Europe and the UK. In Australia the guys are far too macho and busy proving themselves to ever come up with such a scheme. They would rather herald their own doom manually pushing that mower down 45 degree+ terrain (the steeper the better if any mates are watching) than waste precious beer-drinking time inventing a solution. After all, sitting around together in a shed should only be for talking about sports….

    Heh! Sorry, gorgeous. I actually give the string the thumbs up of approval. I just wanted to give you a flashback to the good ‘ol Central West. *wink* ;D

  2. What. The. FUCK? LOL!

    It looks like an electric mower…surely he’s not Flymo-in’ with a string???

    Have to go and watch again.

    Thanks chick! Wonder how mower man would feel being so famous and watched by millions!!! LOL!

  3. Ahh! I just had a moment of panic when I remembered that I hadn’t checked for updates in a little while, and then all I was getting was ‘page not found’.

    While I realise that sounds a whole lot more stalkerish than I had intended, I’m glad you’re up and running again 😀

    And the mower – I’m with you on the What The…?

  4. That looks good sturdy string. Possibly saved from a parcel. I have seen the cooncil boys using string in a similar way too – but I expect its officially sanctioned string.

  5. We used to cut our really steep garden like that until my Dad slipped on the slope and pulled the lawnmover over his foot. He broke a few toes but if he’d actually sharpened the thing in 20 years it might have been a different story.

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