Hello! There might be some random posts here throughout the year, such as the last Christmas cake one, as I've hooked the blog up with my 43Things account. It's basically a nerdy list of things you want to do and once you've done 'em you get to tick 'em off and write a wee post about it. Anyone else out there on 43Things? What are you up to?

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12 thoughts on “43Things

  1. I am going to be more nicer to myself. I like this quote – “a friend is a gift you give yourself.” I’m my own worst critic!
    I plan on learning how to play the tin whistle…for fun! I’m planning on putting together a power point presentation-which I have no clue how to do and I probably won’t present to anyone but myself. I’m planning on facing some fears I have and trying to LIVE life more instead of just exsisting day in and day out. I used to be the fun, adventursome type and then something happened…not sure what but I changed in to someone I’m not…stuffed the old self in the closet for some dang reason!
    Have a great day
    P.S. Thanks for such an inspiring blog

  2. Can I just copy your list? It’s so cool. And I’ve already done a few of them, so I’ll already feel accomplished even before I’ve started. MUCH more satisfying that making outrageous new years resolutions that I’ll never achieve!

  3. I have a 43 things! I got on it last year and actually finished 7 things! I’m a big fan of lists ^.^ I even write items I’ve already done down just so I can cross them off. Completely nerdy I know.

  4. I am on 43Things! In fact I am subscribed to you and you might have seen me cheer you a couple of times. I was delighted to see you posting the other day. I’ve been a member for over four years now and it has been absolutely pivotal to my personal growth. It’s helped me change career and reinvent myself. What a fantastic community of supportive friends – I even met my partner on there. I couldn’t imagine life without it.

    I’m currently doing 17 things, including practising intuitive eating, running a Life Club (see my link for an explanation of what that means!), and healing my plantar fasciitis so I can run again!

    For a quick checkup on goal progress you might also find habitforge useful.

  5. I signed up for this last week – I’m keeping a list of all the books I read in 2010, hoping to go to Seattle, and, eventually, learning to sew, knit and crochet! Good luck with all your goals x

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