Chocolate and kilts don’t mix

At the local kilt shoppe.

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7 thoughts on “Chocolate and kilts don’t mix

  1. CLEARLY an overlooked hazard…thanx for looking out shauna! i’ll be sure to pass this along to my man who just so happens to have an unfortunate (as we have now come to know) fascination with not only chocolate fountains BUT kilts as well. see why i keep you around? who f’in knew!?

    the LBC, CA

  2. That is absolutely hilarious.

    “It has come to our attention” is their polite way of saying that some idiot returned a kilt covered in chocolate, because they got a little amorous near the fountain after a few too many bevvys at their sister’s wedding! Or some such.

  3. You are a growing media conglomerate yet you still admit to listening to Wild Boys. All those old Rupert Murdoch jokes will come back to haunt you…hehe.

    Hope all is well.

  4. That choc, it is a bitch to remove. Not so much from the kilt as from the sporran. Chocolate in the sporran is probably a fatal injury.
    I hope that you have taken yourself out of the too hard basket. I need to learn to get out of there too. My butt and thighs are definitely in there. 6 cm off my waist but negligible change in butt and thighs!

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