AT LAST: Portable Haggis!


NB: Neep = turnip, traditional accompaniment for haggis.

(Proper post with words on Monday!)

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13 thoughts on “AT LAST: Portable Haggis!

  1. in the words of the immortal homer simpson:

    may NO one stateside EVER get any such bright idea as taking chitlins (aka the southern U.S.’s answer to haggis) and turning it into some sort of sausage for crazy black folk “on the go”. ughhh!!!

  2. chutneep – LOL – you have made my evening.

    God I love this little blog of yours, it’s like one of those little cafes with fab service and food that ‘only the locals know about’.

  3. Noooooo! That sounds like a terrible fusion of various things that are a bad idea individually.

    I do like vegetarian haggis, but this does not look like it.

  4. aww, shauny, have they put hate mail on your dietgirl blog? (you said that nobody has sent hatemail to this blog)
    if so, let me know who we have to go and bash up.
    Now hurry up and post, girl.

  5. Sadly enough I googled that product since I was a little uninformed……I want my innocence back!

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