The Floating Dutchmen

I drew Holland in the workplace World Cup sweep. The Dutch office promptly dispatched an inflatable clog and a team poster to spruce up my desk, now that I am on their side.


There’s some masterful Photoshopping going on here. I was admiring the Pixifoto-esque background then noticed that the Dutch team is levitating!

levitating dutchmen

I’ve been watching far too much football this past week. What about you? If you give a hoot… what are your highlights so far? Who are you supporting? Who gets your Most Unconvincing Dive award? Are you concerned about the post-Portugal fate of the North Korean team?

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21 thoughts on “The Floating Dutchmen

  1. I got Portugal and Japan (we had a cunning double draw system with a best of the worst prize on offer as well as winner and runner up)

    The nearest thing I’ve done to show my support so far is use Hungarian paprika in some cooking. No, I know that doesn’t make sense.

  2. And speaking of which I just went to check and they scored seven goals in their last match. SEVEN! (Portugal, not Japan, though Japan have 3 points so are still doing better than us, not that that’s hard right now). Seven goals. Quick, someone tell me something distinctively Portuguese so I can get on side.

    Though poor North Korea. I quite liked the idea of them causing an upset, though the politics of it all would of course be terribly dubious.

    I’ve done some research. Where can I buy a Galo de Barcelos?

  3. Being on the west coast of the US, I’ve only been awake for a few matches, but so far, the best bit for me was watching the IT-NZ match last Sunday in a pub at 7am with most everyone rooting for NZ, but with one Italian in the room. His cursing in Italian was awesome. ^_^
    I’m otherwise not paying too much attention, as my own club finally decided to step up and start winning again. Go Timbers!

  4. i’ve come to love football a little later in life than most probably cuz i have 2 friends that play in adult leagues regularly. did i happen to mention that i’m also a loser and have to rely on friends to email my pathetic arse all the highlights cuz i have yet to win the lotto and as such am still required to work for a living?

    i know…it’s not pretty. not pretty a’ tol. that being said, i’ll take your pity now.

    your galpal in long beach, CA

  5. I’m a kiwi (go the All Whites!) and I have Netherlands and Spain in the office sweepstakes, so I’m onto a three way winner I reckon 🙂

    Although my bubble was slightly burst when it was pointed out that if they make it that far, Netherlands and Spain would meet in a semi – shame, I wanted to sweep first and second prize!

  6. Heard USA has no interest/little interest in soccer. Really? Then why do we call women who drive minivans/SUVs “soccer moms”? Where I work they had to block the FIFA website. And, I came in to work on day to discover the lobby TV was playing the cup games not the usually Food Network. This is in building with over 200 employees-most of them women!

    As for me-I’m usually not interested in sports that involve a ball. I will follow the Tour de France.

  7. I too am a Kiwi and I want to do a big shout out to Australia/ns and the Australian media for being seemingly genuinely delighted at the All Whites progress – I apologise for my countrymens’ schadenfreude when Australia do badly (we just get a bit of an inferiority complex sometimes!).

  8. I love this sport!
    I’m cheering for Portugal(there is a Canadian on the team) and Camaroon and England!
    I think it’s rather funny though that some of these players are blamming their ‘ladies’ for their mishaps!!

  9. Hey, you’re blogging here again and I didn’t realise. How very exciting, lots of posts to catch up on. Yay for you blogging here again.

  10. As an aussie, I was supporting the Aussies. Now that they are out I am supporting everyone that we didn’t play against, and any country that didn’t have a referee that has given us a crap decision over the past 2 world cups… so that means that I am now suppporting the US (whoops they are out), so the Dutchies and Uraguay. Still cannot make myself support England…

  11. I got England in the office sweepstake which is rubbish as I am English so would have supported them anyway. I wanted a second team to cheer on.

    Anyway England crashed out yesterday in their usual style. We deserved to go out, we were rubbish all the way through.

    I am rooting for the Netherlands to win, it would be nice to add a new team to the roll call of champions. The future is orange!

    I utterly detest Maradona so I want Argentina to go out. Brazil have had too many wins, it’s time they learned to share their toys with the rest of the playground. It would be cool if Ghana could win but I don’t think they will go all the way.

    Uraguay were one of my faves until the disallowed-goal-that-was-over-the-line fiasco by the Uraguayan so-called linesman yesterday. Now I am afraid that all support for their team has been withdrawn and we will be invading the country in retribution.

  12. Thanks for the comments folks!

    @Dani – I told one of my mates I was supporting Uruguay and he said it wasn’t allowed since Uruguay put Australia out of the qualifiers ten years ago or some such. How long must one hold a grudge? There’ll be noone left to support, mwahahah!

    @Holly – my sympathies re yesterday. Honestly they need to get with the program and have some Third Umpire-esque technology happening. If something as ye olde and stuffy as Wimbledon can handle it, why not Fifa?

    I don’t buy the “it’ll slow the game down” argument either. We get three minutes injury time added to so many matches coz of players writhing around on the ground in “pain” – would that happen so much if they knew the video ref was keeping an eye on their theatrics?

  13. Go the Dutchies – put out the petulent Brazillians. World domination! And aussies like the dutch. I have always had a fond spot for tall men anyway!

  14. Wow – only one more game to go for the Dutch team – You might win the sweep – how cool is that.

  15. @Jennette – aww thanks! 🙂

    Finegrs crossed for the final, yeah! I feel excited and proud as though I actually did something aside from sit on my arse for 2.5 weeks. Bwahahhahaha!

  16. shauny,
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