At the Vatican

The Pope was in Edinburgh today, just a week after I was skulking around his neck of the woods.

Here's Dr G looking holy.

He was totally out-posed by this lassie.


How must it feel to have been in the job for five years but you STILL have to compete for calendar sales with your cuddly predecessor?

Afterwards we wandered through the Rodeo Drive of religious fashion.


But none of that sparkly stuff for the nuns.



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9 thoughts on “At the Vatican

  1. Wow, that’s a right pouty nun. Sister Whatawaste, indeed. Did you two do any pontificating whilst in the Square? Bah-dum-PSHHHH

  2. hey you!!! is it just me or did the creator of the mannequin in the “dowdy” nun shot make her lips ever-so-pouty…not very holy if you ask me…

  3. Those Italian priests are way more flashy than ours… the fanciest our priest gets is when he wears pink during Advent… but it’s a beautiful shade of pink!

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