I have friends that travel a lot for their work. Some are very bored and breezy about it – "another day, another airport". Then there are others who never lose their sense of wonder. They drink up new cities, even if it's just a glimpse from a grotty taxi en route to a boring meeting.

I want to look at the world like that again. I've been in the UK for 7.5 years now and at some point it started to feel like home, in good and bad ways. It's easy to slip into routines and ruts and stop exploring. You stop seeing things with an outsider's eye. I saw a sign on the motorway, Edinburgh 10 miles and was almost surprised… Edinburgh? That ye olde place with the big castle? I live near there?

And London had become That Place Where My Sister Lives. Somewhere you pop down to for a quick visit, like a childhood trip to Orange with The Mothership to buy some jelly fruit. But dude… it's LONDON! When I was a teenager on a farm reading 6-month old imported copies of Q magazine, the other side of the world seemed impossibly far away. So when we were there recently for Dr G's birthday, I made sure not to let my eyes glaze over famous sights.

I don't have any witty insights here… it just feels good to be awake again; to re-fall in love with it all.


London-bikesThe Boris Bikes await you.

Lookit that dead grass! Makes one pine for the land Down Under.

An outstanding beer themed birthday cake for Dr G.

A real beer for Dr G.

A new hat for Dr G.

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13 thoughts on “Re-entry

  1. Awww.. I’m so sad I missed you in the UK – are worlds were out of alignment. Tell me you’re coming home for a visit, go on, tell me!

    It was great travelling with Mick, who has never been to Europe, we did and saw so many things that I never saw when I lived there for 2 and a half years. It was so cool!

    Happy belated returns Dr G

  2. I hear you. I’ve been in my Host Country now for 16 years. I go through phases. You get busy, you have your routines, you get comfortable, just as you said.

    I had every intention this summer to do a whole photographic series on where I live right now. Didn’t happen.

    It’s always good to be keen and interested in your surroundings – I think it also makes it more bearable when you are so far away from “home”.

    looks like Dr G had a top birthday weekend! and you guys are off next week as well???

  3. Ooh Greenwich! You do have to remind yourself to make the most of where you live, too often the daily grind gets in the way. You do do a fair amount of hill walking an a’, so it is just a different type of UK appreciation 🙂

  4. Hey Shauna- I am now 38 and haven’t travelled since I was a ‘bright young thing’- and I travelled to EUrope 3 times in 6 years (from Australia)- last flight was 15 years ago. Have got married, had kids and am now planning to travel to Chicago next year for 3 weeks- alone- I will be wetting myself- nervous and excited- nothing glazed over for me! I love your photos and great beer cake!

  5. I love London and I remember how blaze my hubby (b/friend at the time) was after having been there 5 year, but I was fresh (meat?!??? hee hee ) still after 18months and was wide eyed about it all. A part of my heart lives there forever. I get what you mean completely.We will be back in 2016 (seriously) so maybe we can cross paths 🙂

    We only travel domestically now and only for a couple of nights generally, but I try hard to make each trip an occassion. Fortunately with the kidlywinks (4 & 3) trying to see the world through those eyes when away helps.

    Loved the cake btw – top job!

  6. I’ve been feeling exactly the same way of late.

    I need to start appreciating being over here, and all it has to offer.

    It probably doesn’t help being marooned on a rock the a 1/100 the size of tasmania!

    You interested in a weekend xmas adventure to some far off place were Phil and I can awaken the traveller in you?

  7. I read your train conductor post with another class yesterday and they smiled. And I thought of you and enjoyed your wonderful way with words. Thanks for the lesson! And I’m glad you had a good trip to London.

  8. Love the outlook you’ve adopted. I don’t live in anyplace as “exotic” as London. (Although I’m sure that “Londonites” might enjoy our beautiful fall scenery here in Wisconsin, USA) However you’ve reminded me to change my mindset to view things differently from time to time. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I have been trying to recapture this too! I had to go to London for the day for work a couple of weeks back, and when I got out of the seminar thingy I was at, it suddenly occurred to me that I must be pretty near the Thames. So I walked along to the end of the street (having approached by Tube, from the other direction) and there was Westminster Cathedral. So I walked along and had a look at the Houses of Parliament / Big Ben, and over the river at the London Eye. I didn’t have time to do much more before I had to get back, but it felt like a tiny holiday!

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