One Day in L.A.

Long long ago* Dr G had to go to California for his work and I tagged along. While he was in a very dull meeting in a very dull town I nicked off to Los Angeles for a day. My colleagues were spewing when I told them my plans – we were deep in the miserable bowels of winter at the time and it was just nasty to be escaping to gleaming blue skies, beaches and beautiful people.

But they felt much better after they saw my photos. Now if you're a tourist and you have just one day in a city, sometimes you just have to surrender to the whistlestop guided Bus Tour. This strategy, while making you feel like an unimaginative old codger, usually gives you a nice overview of a place. Except if you happen to arrive in the midst of some kind of rare, freakish monsoon and you cannae see a bloody thing.

At least there was no chance of homesickness 🙂

That blob in the fog is a bust of James Dean!

* yep, again with the untimely blogging.

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4 thoughts on “One Day in L.A.

  1. You must have come to CA earlier this year. We’ve had a fantastic amount of rain this year which after 4 years of severe drought was very welcoming. Sorry about your holiday though!

    If you don’t mind the heat, there isn’t a lick of rain from July to September if you ever feel like visiting again.

  2. We get a few days like that every year. “Monsoon” is the right word for it. 🙂 Sorry you had to tour L.A. in the rain!
    If it makes you feel any better, it was 113 degrees F here yesterday (as you saw on my Twitter post), breaking all previous records.

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