Romeward Bound

Edinburgh to Heathrow flight.

SHAUNA:   Do you think we'll have to go through security again?


S:   Are you sure?

G:   Yes. We're not in Australia trying to get into Geelong or something. G'day! Got any FROOT to declare? SNAKES? SPOIDERS?

Heathrow to Rome flight.

SHAUNA:   How about a smooch?

GARETH:   Not here! People will think we're dogging and they'll try to join in.

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6 thoughts on “Romeward Bound

  1. I hope you have a great time in Rome – one of my favourite cities…you’ve been before, haven’t you? I enjoyed the view from the top of the Vatican – great view, long queue. Have fun!

  2. We arrived in Edinburgh a few years back having just flown from Bangkok (via London). We never went through any customs counter in London as we were catching a connecting flight. When we got to Edinburgh there was NO-ONE there to check what we were potentially sneaking into the country.

    Being good little Aussies we stood there helplessly clutching our orchids wondering if the Queen’s elite troops would come after us if we just walked off (we’ve seen what they do to people trying to sneak a banana peel into Australia…eeeeek). So we see a phone with a sign prompting us to pick up to ask questions. Pick it up:

    Me: “Ummm, Hi, yeah, we’ve just arrived from Bangkok and were wondering if we can bring these orchids we have into the country…”

    Pissed off Scotsman (POS): “Flooers?”

    Me: “Yeah, fresh ones”

    (POS): “wha?”

    Me: “can we bring fresh flowers into the country?”

    (POS): “why widinae ye be able tae?”

    Me: “well, in Australia…”

    (POS): “ye’re nae in Australia” BANG. Down goes the phone. Welcome to Scotland.

    I probably rang during a match or something. God knows, but we pissed ourselves laughing all the way into town. Flowers lasted months and gave me a giggle every time I looked at them.

  3. love, love, LOVED anna’s post ’bout arriving in scotland. it was “phonetical”.

    btw…read the definition of “dogging”…says there in ye old trusty wikipedia that voyeurism is encouraged. hey, i’m just making an observation!

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