Vale Peter Pan

peterpan.jpgWe're not having much luck with these Dog's Trust Sponsor Dogs. First Kenco perished in a kennel brawl and now it seems his replacement Peter Pan is no more.

We hadn't heard a peep from Peter Pan in almost a year and instead kept getting updates about a dog called Samuel. I thought there'd been a mix-up at the Dog's Trust, as Samuel is the dog I sponsored for my sister last Christmas. We were going to finally sort it out today and phone up the dog and ask, "Oi, Pan. Where's our letters, you wee bugger?"

Luckily we checked the website first and saw the tragic IN LOVING MEMORY banner on his profile.

It doesn't say what happened to him, but from his messages it looks like he departed over a year ago. No wonder he'd been quiet. No doubt we must missed the letter informing us of his demise during all our house moves last year.

Looking at his profile, he was over ten years old, which is a pretty decent run. I hope he had a good life. I can't tell from this picture if he is squinting in the sun or if he was giving someone the stink eye.

Whatever happened it's a sad day. But we will fully embrace Samuel now. I can't resist a dog with ginger eyebrows. According to his Christmas card, he's a real foodie who battles with his weight and has just been on a regime to get him lighter on his paws. I think we're going to get on brilliantly.


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5 thoughts on “Vale Peter Pan

  1. You get to sponsor a dog? Cool beans!
    Me, I got a goat for Christmas.
    Didn’t get a picture 🙁
    Did have to listen to my brother’s jokes about how “that really gets my goat.”

  2. Dude…. that really looks like the dog that tried to gnaw off my thumb on Christmas Day! I hope he’s not a bastard dog like the one I nearly punched and tossed against a wall!!!

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