Things I miss about Australia

 Happy Australia Day! I nicked this idea from the lovely Kathryn in Japan.

  1. Friends and family, derr.
  2. Hamburgers with the lot
  3. Mint Slice biscuits
  4. Proper thunderstorms
  5. Cafés that have great breakfasts* and open late**
  6. Dogs on the back of utes (especially brown kelpies with golden eyebrows)
  7. Chocolate thickshakes
  8. Sprawling starry skies, best viewed from a flat country town
  9. Top Deck, Cherry Ripes and Violet Crumbles
  10. Garages that cars actually can fit in to
  11. Scribbly gums
  12. Chicken salad rolls from small town bakeries, assembled while you wait!
  13. Apple turnovers with cream, from aforementioned small town bakeries (ooh yeah)
  14. Galahs and white cockatoos strolling along the median strip (what do you call that green grassy bit up the middle of a road that you get in a place like Canberra!? where is my brain? thank you Stella for the reminder!)
  15. Rage
  16. The smell of rain hitting the dirt when it hasn't rained for ages
  17. Mango Weiss bars
  18. Mount Panorama
  19. Bread tags
  20. Driving in a straight line for a very long time.

6a00d83451c20669e2011168a1f95f970c-piHow sad that the majority of this list is FOOD.

* There are plenty of great cafés in Edinburgh that have nice brekkies but you don't get quite the same variety of ideas and ingredients. Out here in Dunfermline a bacon roll from Gregg's is about the extent of your choices 😉 Breakfast is SO good in Australia. I love an American brunch or a British cooked breakfast but the Aussie cafés take bits of those with influences from other places and make morning time MAGIC, I tells ya!

** Specifically I miss going out for coffee and cake after weeknight movie like we used to do in Canberra at somewhere like Gus' or Cafe Essen. Here in Scotland we have some great cafés but not many open late. If you go to a movie, you go to the pub afterwards. I don't want to do that on a school night! I've told my Scottish pals about these mystical late night cafés and they say, "What's wrong with the pub? You should like that, you're Australian!".

Yeah yeah. I always wonder if I got a consortium of expats together to open such a café, would it die on its arse? Or could we persuade that there's an alternative to the pub and kebab combo?

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36 thoughts on “Things I miss about Australia

  1. You do yourself a disservice — less than half the list is food! Please don’t take this all “preachy-like” I love your blog and your willingness to be honest with yourself. But, sometimes, you talk really harshly to yourself. Even if you can’t always keep that little voice in your head from saying snarky things about you, at least make sure it’s accurate. You’re an awesome lady, treat yourself right. 🙂

  2. Thanks Kelly! 🙂
    In the first draft I only had 10 things on the list and 7 were food… so the statement was accurate but then I thought of the other stuff (and didn’t think to edit that sentence)

  3. happy australia day love!

    I too share your mourning of a good breaky. next time you are in london, look me up – i have found a place that does antipodean eggs and the Best Coffee Ever 😉

    I have to say I miss the tele a bit too – Friday Night Rove. Oh and Hey Hey its Saturday? Craptastic.


  4. Oh I’d kill for a hamburger with the lot. Why does everywhere else have those horrible Maccas like burgers? It’s got to have tinned beetroot and egg and bacon. Yum!

  5. I love a grill’d burger.
    top deck, for some reason, is a bit hard to come by.
    Newer roads are designed to curve slightly side to side so that it keeps you awake.
    Dogs in the back of utes? My little baby would sook and wanna be in the cab with us. 🙂

  6. When I was o/s I missed dim sims, potato cakes and Rage more than my family. Well, maybe not … but food is a big deal to miss!!! Tim once smuggled Woolies BBQ sausages back in cargo, which possibly could’ve got him arrested.

    And the eat-out breakfast, ye gads, I never went anywhere that treated it with such fanfare as Oz!!!!

  7. I missed vegemite when I was in the States. Badly. I found it in a health food store. It always amuses me that it’s considered health food… Can you imagine?

    Oh, and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes just yesterday, I wouldn’t be saying this now. If I was away from Oz for a long while, I would miss the kangaroos in the back yard. I mean it. In the back yard! See, it’s true what foreigners say about kangaroos roaming the streets.

  8. We have bread tags in Canada. Do you really not have them in Scotland? What keeps the bag shut?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. Okay, so now I am curious- how do they tie bread up in Scotland? I love that smell, rain on hot dry dirt. Breaky is my absolute favourite meal to go out for, and we do that thing of coffee and cake post movie (when I ever go out which is not often!).
    My dog is a black and tan kelpie x lab and she is just lovely. She’s not allowed on the back of the ute though. Aren’t your garages big enough? I like pineapple instead of beetroot on my hamburgers- is that un- Australian?
    thanks for your list Shauna, I will have a violet crumble for you…

  10. Sweetie, your memory has been blurred by time and distance. Number 20 sucks fairly badly. We drove up the Hume Hwy last weekend and man, is it boring! Or perhaps I’m just old and have done it too many times.

    I never want to live anywhere that doesn’t worship breakfast. That’s just wrong.

  11. Agree with all of these, most of my misses are food too. You can get pretty good choccy milk/thick shakes at Gourmet Burger Kitchen though. I also miss proper prawns, and affordable steak. And Golden Gaytimes. And the smell of hot bitumen. And crickets chirping. And Bonds undies.

  12. Well that list made me terribly homesick. I now want to go bushwalking in the sun whilst eating a Sunnyboy. Instead I’m in Germany where it is -4C.

    My parents for Xmas sent me some Mint Slice, jaffas and caramello koalas. I’m going to ask them to send me some BBQ shapes for my birthday. 🙂
    Yes, like you I seem to be missing the food.

  13. Man, you almost made me homesick and I’m sitting here.

    Here’s the things I missed when I was in the UK:

    Sandwiches made while you wait
    Chicken salt
    Normal potato peelers
    Red dirt
    Big, fat, pregnant looking skies..

  14. CHICKEN SALT! Oh yes.

    I still cart around my little pot of chicken salt that I bought in the Australia Shop in Covent Garden for about £6!

    Also, Smiths Salt Vinegar chips. And all the yummy dips you can get at any supermarket. Had the most amazing pumpkin hummus last time we visited. Swoon!

  15. When I lived in Scotland I missed Twisties, Cheezels, Chicos, Strawberries & Creams (heck, pretty much the whole Allen’s Lollies range).

    At easter I just about died when I realised that I was going to miss out on my annual Red Tulip bunny. Why oh why do they only have eggs? (except for the Lindt bunny that was creeping in – but it just isn’t the same).

    I also missed big shopping centres and spacious department stores. I am still at a loss as to how we manage to have far more shopping centres servicing far fewer people over here in Aus.

    Then there was the lack of car, the difference in home sizes and lack of efficient service from banks and government departments.

    When I got back I realised just how much I had missed the massive skies, especially those blazing hot days of summer where the sky is so pale it is almost white. I’d also missed all the night sounds – the waves pounding on the beach, cicadas, geckos – however freaking annoying they are now I still appreciate them!

    Now don’t get me started on what I miss about Scotland…!

  16. Just had a fabulous breakfast “tasting plate” at the local cafe. A bit of everything!! Yummo
    It’s been so hot hot hot Shauna, that there is nothing for it but to lie on the lounge in your undies and doze to the cricket on telly. You would be longing for Scotland. But my favourite thing about being home in Sydney came in 5 minute ago – the southerly buster’s finally arrived.

  17. YES, YES and YESSSSS. Thanks so much! Am loving springtime in the UK at the moment – but oh GOSH that list is absolutely right! Hadn’t even thought of some of them but agree totally. (Had thought of cafes though… baffling why they don’t open late, eh?)

  18. I totally agree and was just talking about this today when I realised that the new Starbucks that has opened closes at 7pm. I am not a big drinker and would rather go for a nice warm coffee or hot chocolate in a nice cosy coffee house than sit in a noisy pub with a cold drink (especially with the weather in Britain). It drives my friend and I mad that in this 24/7 world it is impossible to get a coffee late night (McDonalds and KFC aren’t quite the ambience I am searching for). I need to emigrate.

  19. Don’t mind me, I just read the comment regarding the bread clips! Do you want me to send you some!

    1. Thanks for the offer dear Marguerite! 🙂 Luckily The Mothership brought over a whole bunch of them when she visited last year so I reckon I’m all set for a good while.

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