Border collie

The Mothership, recently retired from teaching, is currently on an epic caravan voyage to the Outback with her husband Ray. I’ve just received this dispatch from Berri, South Australia:

“Yesterday morning whilst I was enjoying my rolled oats, I was fortunate enough to witness a lovely sight – a black and white border collie, tail waving enthusiastically, accompanying an ‘original’ Aussie bloke (think shorts, tummy and thongs) on his walk. The dog was full of life, not pulling on his lead, but bouncing along on three legs. The rear right side leg was missing. I figure I need to remember my own blessings and bounce through life more often.”

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14 thoughts on “Bouncer

  1. Yay! I’m so glad this site is back! This has always been my favorite so keep on truckin’ Shauny! Love ya!

  2. A worthy observation from the Mothership. But strangely no mention of the the giant orange of Berri. Presume it’s still there.

    1. Oh yes! “It is about three storeys high. Viewing deck at the top is a green leaf. Unfortunately it was closed so we couldn’t visit.”

      1. Excellent. Nice to get an update on the giant objects of the nation via Scotland. Wotchu got over there? Giant chip buttie? Enormous haggis?

  3. My cat (the one who was sick recently, but is now doing well) had to have a deformed right rear leg amputated not long after we adopted him 14 years ago. He does just fine and would probably feel grumpy about being anyone’s inspiration (if his cat brain could understand such a thing). He just is like that. Maybe he pities us for our poor hearing and nighttime eyesight, flexibility, and balance. But he does bounce when he walks because a more typical walking motion doesn’t work on three legs.

  4. aw. =) A most excellent example.

    I remember reading about someone learning from their dog. The dog tried to jump up onto the bed and missed. A humiliating 100% miss. Total face plant.

    Dog picked self up, faced the bed again, and LEAP! Stuck the landing.

    A lesson in “just shake it off, baby, and try again.” Don’t freak out that you failed. Just try again. And again. And again.

    Love that.

  5. Such great insight from the Mothership! I too must try for that positive mentality in my every day! BTW loving that you are posting occasionally here again and like the layout changes! 🙂

  6. Lovely post and a timely reminder to enjoy life. I’ve been in a temper all morning because I have to clean out a cupboard this afternoon. Feel utterly ridiculous writing that. Off to walk Marco in the fields first. 🙂
    PS I totally forgot you had another blog-life. V happy to have rediscovered it.

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