The Big Galah

Another dispatch from The Mothership as she continues her caravan trek into Australia’s centre. She’s just been to Kimba, located halfway across Australia apparently:

Kimba is famous for its Big Galah, lovely sandstone buildings and as the birthplace of “Cats” midfielder, Corey Enright. Can’t ask much more of a town of around 800 people. Oh, did I mention that you can buy a pair of jeans for $2, a collarless shirt for $1, a paperback mystery novel for 10c, home-grown lemons for 5c each or a like-new dressing gown (Giovanni) for $2? You can get all this and more from the Uniting Church Op Shop.

We left Kimba on Tuesday morning and on the way out of town, we visited the Big Galah. I’m not sure what it is about us Aussies that creates ‘Big Things’ around the country… maybe our Big Skies, Big Spaces, Big Coastlines etc have something to do with it.


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15 thoughts on “The Big Galah

  1. That’s fantastic! I think every town should have a Big Galah. The word “galah” reminds me of Alf from Home and Away circa 1989. I thought it was just a general Aussie insult until I looked it up…

  2. I love your mum!

    I can’t wait to retire and do they ‘big things’ tour around australia someday, she’s living my dream :O)

  3. My dad used to call them ‘flaming galahs’ – as in, “all those flaming galahs are out on my lawn again!”. I was 19 before I figured out he was swearing at them, not giving them an appropriate name. I mean, the rosy breast could be flame-like, right?

    I was a little slow, I guess. 🙂

  4. That big galah looks pretty good I must say. That and the good value shopping make me inclined to visit Kimba when I become a grey nomad one day. Keep the dispatches from the Mothership coming.

  5. The Big Galah in Kimba, half way from my hometown of Ceduna, and Adelaide. My family would stop in Kimba for the ceremonial half way ice blocks/icecreams, and we would inevitably stop at the Big Galah.

    My Mum wonders about that huge Scone too – she thinks it might end up being a big tough.

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