Refresh! Refresh!

Today is a groovy day. After 12 years I posted the last entry on my Dietgirl blog – welcome to everyone who ventured over!

Also, today this blog got a fancy makeover! You might need to refresh your browser a few times to get everything looking right but please let me know if you spot anything wonky. A huuuge thanks to Ale from Papermoustache for working your magic.

Tomorrow the Super Celebration Sell Out begins. This is a one-off four days of bonkers in which I give away some cool prizes, just to celebrate the end of Dietgirl and to say thanks for everyone who’s read my dribblings over the years. Stay tuned!

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Ahoy there! I’m Shauna, an author, copywriter and content mentor. I love telling stories about life and helping others to tell theirs.

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26 thoughts on “Refresh! Refresh!

  1. Well lookey here I made it over… Ooh ahhh aren’t you just a bit fancy pants?! Looks like I’ll be kept entertained and up to date… Ummm quite covertly I might add whilst at my desk at work…!!


    I love the new make over. So glad you found a way to break the stalemate and refresh yourself! (I remember the talks we had at my place a few years ago!)

  3. Loving the new look blog!
    Sad to see the end of an Era of dietgirl, but so glad you’ve got this one
    I’d miss your crazy adventures somehow

  4. Looking good, congratulations! So glad I stumbled upon DG (a couple of years ago, I think – where does time go?!) and delighted that I can still lurk around the edges of your life. Sometimes a good blog can be a shy person’s best friend. 🙂

  5. So good. Such beautiful liberation from the DG moniker that doesn’t really any longer represent the lifelong mindfulnessness story you’re telling now. Thanks so much for sticking with it over the years, your thoughts help focus mine, again and again 🙂

  6. Congratulations chickadee! On to new and shiny things!

    (Though I can’t deny a little pang of sadness seeing Dietgirl fold up her cape, I know she retires happy.)


  7. Lovely, spicy new digs!

    IF you care, I use Safari v. 5.0.6 and the orange button w/star appears and disappears so quickly, I can’t possibly click on it, even w/mousie-cursor hungrily poised. =) So, yes it’s VERY mysterious. & I refreshed 3 times. all this blather is html fyi, ‘course.

    LOVE your new site, and dig the symbolism (typo was gymbolism!) of all of you being in one place. =) woo-hoo! xoxo

  8. Yaaaaaaaay for you, Shauna Reid! Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m glad to see you putting Pussycat in the spotlight (and I know it’s not called that anymore). Diet Girl is ace, Shauna is even better. xx

  9. Well, not the ONLY ONE. I mean, I’m here rootin’ for this blog getting the love. (Not actually rooting.) Urgh, SHUT UP, Samone.

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