Super Sell Out 1 – Cult Pens £50 voucher

The Super Sell Out has begun! This is the first of four prizes, all sharing a general theme of: Little Things That Made 2012 Awesome.

Last year I got a Lamy Safari fountain pen on a whim. I’d gotten back into old school journalling and remembered I used to to love fountain pens when I was a kid. It turned out to be £13.50 of pure happiness (thanks Phil for the recommendation!). It makes a satisfying scratchy noise when you write and somehow ink makes even the most inane thoughts look half deep.

Well, not really.

So that’s why the first prize is a £50 voucher from Cult Pens. They stock “the widest range of pen, pencils and refills on the planet” so you could have a lot of fun with fifty quid. They’ve got fountain pens, rollerball pens, gel pens, calligraphy pens, mechanical pens, markers, highlighters, ink… are you having pengasms yet? They also have Rhodia and Leuchtturm1917 notebooks if you need something to write on and erasers if you muck things up. Brilliant!

Cult Pens kindly donated the voucher and it’s up for grabs for one reader from any country – you just have to include the postage as part of the £50 (free for the UK, £7.50 Europe, £10 rest of the world).

To be in the running for the Cult Pens prize, simply leave a comment on this post – feel free to tell us about your favourite item of stationery! If you’re reading via an RSS feed, Facebook or Goodreads, you need to click through to the blog. Entries close Tuesday 31 January 2013 at 9PM GMT. Winners will be drawn at random. Click here to view the terms and conditions of the Sell Out. Is it Sell Out or Sellout, by the way? Google is conflicted.

Disclosure: I’ve received no compensation or freebies for these prizes. They all come to you courtesy of polite begging!

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147 thoughts on “Super Sell Out 1 – Cult Pens £50 voucher

      1. Blue Period? It would be really dodgy of me to make a joke about 1980s advertisements here, wouldn’t it? :/

        And to be slightly (but not much) more tasteful, what a wonderful-sounding pen! Something to hide from my toddler and definitely from my 9yo aspiring-artist stepdaughter!

        1. Hi Shauna,

          I love your writing, and I think the ‘blue’ bits were the most interesting. Blue can result in great things, even when your name is not Picasso.

          When I write my ‘serious stuff’ I always use oldfashioned pen and paper. The whole blank paper vs full mind situation helps to calm me down and organise my thoughts. I find that the physical aspect of writing the oldfashioned way seems to benefit this process; I am more ‘in the moment’ with my pen and notebook on the couch than ticking away behind a computer screen.

          Well, anyway. Good luck with the new blog situation! It sounds like you did a good bit of organising 😉

          Kind Regards,


  1. Hi Shauna,
    I’d love to win this voucher. I’m a real fountain pen addict and can never have enough of them. As I do a lot of hand-writing it would come in very handy.
    I discovered Dietgirl about a month ago, read through the archives and was really looking forward to following it in real time from now on. Ah well, I’ll read here now. Kind regards from Germany. Dani

  2. Ohh, so many shiny pens! One of my goals for 2013 is to relearn cursive (so many years of typing = handwriting that looks like a cross between a spider dipped in ink and a small child learning to print. Sigh!) and lovely pens would definitely make that easier, I feel! (nothing worse than a bad-scratchy pen!)

  3. I had this calligraphy Parker pen which I loved in school, and lasted a few years, I should really buy some cartridges for it, I’m sure it is in my room somewhere. I would really love to invest in proper calligraphy pens and teach myself calligraphy and hand lettering! Love the design of the new blog by the way!

  4. My father had the most beautiful handwriting (real calligraphy) and used a fountain pen long after everyone else had moved onto Bics. (Ugly, but useful.) I’m glad you have found the same joy in writing implements. Anyhow, I’ve really enjoyed Dietgirl & will be glad to keep up with your adventures here. Knock ’em dead!

    Sign me: Still Struggling With Those Damn Undulating Hills In Virginia.

  5. Ooh ooh.
    Fountain pens are awesome.
    I started using one (-my Mum’s) in high school and ended up buying her another one for her birthday one year. As for the original I wonder where it went?
    Do you still dip and fill a bladder in the pen?

    1. This one has cartridges but I think you can get a cartridge that is empty so you can fill it from a bottle 🙂

  6. oooh, cooooool! Just saw a list of things people-who-get-things-done do & 1 was keep a journal. And got me to thinking. Could be a good thing, esp. since one of the things I want to do more of is writing. Perchance, writing more would beget more writing? Hm?? =)

    My fav. venue if I really need to get creative is a legal pad. Well, it can be 8 1/2 x 11″, but it MUST be yellow, lined paper. Have NO idea why, but that surface gets me all brainstormy. SO, I think having a ROCKIN’ pen, scratching across the golden pages, like Ben Franklin’s must have, would amp up the power considerably, no? Either way (win freebie or no), this might be a good avenue for me to pursue.

    Thanks for the inspiration! =)

    1. SO AGREE on those legal pads! I love that thin but not too thin paper and the lovely sound it makes when you fill a page up and flip over to the next!

  7. Finally after nearly 10 years reading from NZ I am back in Scotland and commenting in celebration (and of course avarice). Impressed at Cult Pens offerings for the cack-handed. My pencils would be so much more pointy with access to “magnesium block sharpener with left handed action”.

  8. I positively love Parker fountain pens. It was the pen I used in first grade in primary school, and I still use the same (albeit battered) cheap plastic model. Time to upgrade?

  9. Oh my goodness I just spent half an hour lusting over the stationery brochure when I should be working. I hope I win…

  10. The new space looks great! I absolutely love a new notebook (preferably a moleskine one), it’s the promise of all those empty pages that does it. I’m super careful with them at first and then within a few pages revert back to my usual messy self!

  11. Oh..I would LOVE this voucher. I just told hubby that I wanted to return to my art (set aside way too long ago for silly reasons) My favorite medium is pen & ink pointillism. A technique that uses only dots of ink to build the picture. A fountain pen is the perfect tool…

    Wonder if the random generator could be swayed if I mention my birthday is soon LOL

  12. Mmmm… pens….

    When I was a kid, I had a bit of an Australia obsession. Especially with the animals. I also had a bit of a pen-pal obsession, which meant I got lots of stationery as gifts. One of my favorites had koalas and kangaroos and such all along the edges.

    I recently found the rules for one of my parents’ card games written on that stationery in my bubbly sixth-grade handwriting. Flashback!

  13. Oooh, I’d love that! I used to collect fountain pens but lost a great deal of my collection at one point :(. Now I have only a few that get used far too seldom. Still, I really can’t resist a shiny pen!

    Incidentally, the Lamy Safari was the one every child in our school had – unless they were some Pelikan-loving heathen, of course ;).

  14. Oooooh pens. I love them and lose them with frightening regularity. I have a big old box of thick, creamy Crane stationary I got dirt cheap years ago upon which I love writing, especially with unctuous ink pens–it’s my favorite paper-like substance.

  15. You’ve inspired me to get my own fountain pens out again!
    I keep giving them as gift – but so far no one has been converted.

  16. New notebooks! That feeling every time you got a new one at school that this, THIS was going to be the one you wrote in perfectly with your best handwriting and no crossing out, only to be thwarted 5 pages later by needing to take rough notes of something you were listening to.

  17. Love to write but have not used a fountain pen yet, would love to have the opportunity to try it out. I have loved reading you blog for several years. Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading.

  18. Love all of your posts on both sites! Hmm let’s see I also love fountain pens!! Blue is my fav.! Will USA folks still be eligible for the goodies?

    Thanks! And lots of love on your new adventures!!!

  19. İ have been reading both of your blogs more than a year, İ have been trying to lose my extra 30+kilos for the last 4 years and İ share your love with tracking the numbers. Shortly, İ feel quiet connected to you.
    This is the first time İ am leaving a comment, İ guess that is why İ needed an intro!
    İ love stationery, İ am more into gel pens.

  20. Is it ok to squeal? What more could a girl with a hopeless stationery fetish ask for than a stationery sellout? No, must be sell out. Sell-out?

  21. Favourite stationary? Can you have just one? That is VERY tricky. If I had to pick one I guess it would be my trusty Moleskine journal. The best notebook ever. The paper feels nice to write on and the journal feels nice to hold……and flick though….and……..I think I have stationary issues…..

  22. Moleskine Ruled Soft Notebook and Uniball Signo gel pen. The acid-free paper is velvety smooth and the gel ink glides effortlessly over the page. Pure comfort stationery 🙂 I’d definitely recommend the extra large Moleskine for writing Morning Pages – it makes journaling even more special!

  23. OH DEAR LORD. PENS! You’re looking at a stationery fiend right hurrr. Being a stage manager, this means/meant that I had the need for various types of stationery in order to be able to write down All the Things in my script and code things in my script and so me and stationery are BFFs in that regard. Faave stationery is sticky post it notes (the ones with lines are neat). Mostly cause you can write things on them, and then move them. Glorious for when changes happen all the time. (runners up are; highlighters, tiny staplers, notebooks with famous art prints on the front, artline 0.4 nib pens – they make me write nicely 😀 )

  24. One of the books that I purchased this year was “50 Ways to Soothe Without Food”. And, at the top of MY list was trips to the office supply store. I turn right and I’m at Starbucks. Turn left? At Staples. 2012 was all about right turns. But, I’ve vowed that 2013 is going to be about left turns … or as I joke with my sister… write turns. And, the selection of fountain pens at Staples is lacking. (actually, the US is pretty lame when it comes to them in general.) But, I persevere. I use a lot of Pilot disposable. So, mother earth and 2013 goals would really like to win the gift certificate. (though, to be told, just knowing that exists might be gift enough).

  25. Ooooh, fountain pens! My sister gave me a Rotring Artpen for my 12th birthday and I used it all through high school. It didn’t work quite so well for the scribbling speed required in university classes. I have been thinking about pulling it out of it’s battered tin case, giving it a good wash and using it as inspiration to actually journal regularly.

  26. OMG! A website totally devoted to pens! How have I not found this previously? I’m that person who viciously protects the pens I like…

  27. ohh stationary! I love notebooks of all kinds. Pretty pens make everything nice too! Love the look of this blog. Congratulations on the new diggs.

  28. oohh I love pens! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and have been reading for about 5 years now. Please don’t ever stop writing!!

  29. Ooo, fancy pens! I just sprung five dollars for a reliable pen about a week ago. It was a necessary investment. I’m a college student, and I spent last semester traipsing around with a pencil box full of old, unsatisfactory pens. You know, the die-in-the-middle-of-a-sentence, spotty, rattle-y bastards whose ends are riddled with bite marks. I was always the girl in the back of the class shaking her pen vigorously, chewing on the tip, trying to coax the ink out (living in a cold climate does not help!). Like I said – a necessary investment, haha. Bonus: they had tons of cool colors! And rest assured, I would never gnaw on a pen that I respect. 🙂

  30. Shauna, you’ve come such a long way since I started lurking on WNP in 2001. I’m conflicted about the end of Diet Girl, but I’m glad you’re not taking it down or anything.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Sell Out stuff too 🙂

  31. I love fountain pens – I find they improve my writing because I have to have thought through the sentence before the pen hits the paper – there’s no backspace key or cut-and-paste!

    But my favourite favourite stationery item is thick white paper for writing on. It lends gravitas to shopping lists.

  32. I’ve been a big loser the last few sell outs! Maybe this is my year??
    I love notebooks, moleskin, ones with sayings, or prints.
    I’m really good with writing in them for about a month then I tend to get lax, and start fresh when I find a cute new one. 🙂

  33. I love pens from Muji in Japan. They come in heaps of nice colours and are super cheap. Plus it’s a good excuse to go back for another hol – my pens are running out and I need new ones.

  34. I have a fab personalised notebook which was a gift from a friend – I love the cover so much that when it runs out I buy cheapy notebooks of the same size and painstakingly swap the spiral bound covers over! Loser alert?!

  35. I spent half an hour in Pepes Paperie the other day, feeling the weight of different fountain pens in my hand. My sister just moved to the US (from Aus) and has requested hand-written letters instead of emails. I’ve got some lovely paper but now I need a pen so PLEASE I would love to win! Hooray for presents 🙂

  36. Congrats on “coming out” as the wonderful Shauna Reid! While I will always have a soft spot for DG, it’s great that you no longer need the alter ego. One of the hardest things about my own weight loss is being open about this lifelong battle, and you do it so beautifully. Your willingness to take risks and grow continues to inspire me!

  37. Wow – super cool. This year I am following your lead and trying to be more mindful in what I need to get done in order to achieve my goals – in terms of health but also random things to make life better for myself and my family. 2013 – the year of lists that I can cross off one item at a time : ) Lovely notebooks and pens always make writing lists more fun!

  38. I adore fountain pens. It’s a fetish. I love my Lamy Safari with an unhealthy devotion.

    I also love your book. It made me laugh and cry, in a good way:-)

  39. Stationery!!! I love the pens I got in the small town where my sister lives just outside Manchester. And I was delighted to find refills for them when I got back to Wellington, NZ!

  40. Ohh – A weighty fountain pen ( biro’s are only good for stirring tea with) and turquoise ink!
    Perfect to christen my beautiful slate backed Angel diary. Good grief, I sound about 12…

  41. I write with a blue Uni-ball Eye. I stole a box of them from my job before I left. Now I’m almost out. A new fountain pen would facilitate beautiful hand-writing and prevent me from stealing office supplies from actual shops. 😀

  42. I love ALL stationery! I love Lamy too, and have a range of colours of ink cartridges. I’d love to add some more to the collection!

  43. A Rotring 800 2mm. Undoubtedly the best engineered pencil available. I user mine constantly and love every moment of it.

  44. Hi,
    I advise everbody Kaweco Fountain Pens. There is a wide price range of Kaweco, from economic student versions to luxurious ones. All of them are worth buying. Especially with its different colored(purple, turquoise, green etc.) ink cartridges, they are adorable.

  45. The Safari is a great pen – a wonderful choice for returning to the fountain pen world! I agree that things look better (and more meaningful) written with a fountain pen – I certainly prefer writing with a fountain pen.
    Would be a wonderful start to the year to win a voucher for lots of inky/pen goodness. Thank you for running this comp and to the generous donor!

  46. I’m a Lamy junkie, though I’ve recently been cheating on them with Pelikano. Highly recommend the space pen if biro’s more your thing 🙂

  47. Hi Shauna, looking forward to reading your grown up blog. I found dg through the article in Slimming magazine years ago and have been hooked on blogs since. I would like to win the voucher because I could use it to buy a gift for a loved one at some point this year and save me money. That’s alright isn’t it?

  48. I love all stationery. Seriously. It hurts to pick a favourite. If I had to? Hmn. My fountain pens. Not only have they helped me meet a lot of awesome people, but they helped me get back into creative writing, which also helped em meet a lot of awesome people 😀

  49. I don’t think I need any more pens, pencils, markers, notepads or notebooks – but I just can’t help it… LOL
    My favourite product of this season are Faber-Castell PITT brush pens – love them.

  50. Just recently rediscovered writing and although gel pens can be pretty with all the colours they don’t feel like an instrument of inspiration when putting thoughts and feelings to paper. Must try ink again.

  51. For me my favourite would have to be the fountain pen itself. If writing in your favourite colour with nice shading isn’t enough, you have a lot of fun creating ink clouds when you come to rinse your pen out! 🙂

  52. My favorite item is notecards! I keep them in my desk at work, at home, sometimes a few in my car, so whenever I want to drop someone a note, I’m ready! I also love nice pencils – because you can erase!

  53. When I first scanned the title of this post I thought it said Cult Penis. Had Johnny Depp donated his willy for the greater good, I wondered? What a disappointment to find it was actually pens – but then I realised that being an attached person these days, I’d probably get more use out of a nice pen than a strange penis. So, bring on the stationery!

  54. My favorite bit of stationary has to be the small hoard of Pilot Execugels I managed to get my hands on a while back. They’ve been out of print for a bit but everyone should track one down. It’s all the gliding pleasure of writing with a gel stick but the nice solid feel that was more common to pens from a different generation.

  55. Actually I just looked for them online if anyone is interested in what I think is one of the best writing pens out there it seems that a certain stationary store whose name is also “small metallic trisectioned objects used to affix pages together, and not paper clips” seems to have them in stock.

  56. After 25 years without one, I’ve just treated myself to a Koh-I-Noor clutch pencil. Can’t begin to tell you what I could do with a £50 budget *crosses fingers*

  57. I am OBSESSED with colored file folders, but pens are definitely a close second. Thank you for the giveaway!

  58. Hi Shauna, Glad to see you’re moving on from Dietgirl.Hope you are going to continue with your honest and inspiring writing as well as the humourous observational stuff.
    Me, I use coloured paper for notes at work – I like spotting my sheets in the shredder. LOL

    1. I dunno about inspiring but will be honest fo’ sure! Good to see you Karen, hope you are still kickboxing! Brown belt this year? 🙂

      1. Fingers crossed for Brown this year. Need to do loads of work for it though and the thought of the actual grading makes me feel sick LOL. You need to pop in and see us. Take care x

  59. hey Shauna, my shameful secret is my love of paper… lined.. unlined… a beautiful notebook can tip me over the edge when I think of what marvellous writings it may contain one day…I once spent three hours in a stationery shop running my fingers over the different textures and breathing in that glorious paper smell. Oh what heaven it was… although I am still, after all these years after the perfect smudge proof pen for the left handed writings…

  60. Ouuuuuu stationary! I used to love going to buy new stationary for the start of the new school year. My favourite part of the new school year was always getting a new exercise book in class. My first few pages would always be soooo neat and then I’d get bored of trying to be neat or make a mistake so that it was all ruined and give up! Funnily enough I’m now a teacher! New exercise books galore!!!!

  61. As a teacher I would love a shiny new pen that I could keep to myself rather than having the students ‘borrow’ mine and never giving it back!! With this pen I could definitely tell them that it is mine !!! Pick me random number generator 🙂

  62. Love that all your stuff is on one site now, I’ve been a long time reader since I was living in Australia from 2002-2010 (been in Canada for 2 years now). Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I’ve been getting into calligraphy and I would have to say the paper is one of my favourite things. Slightly off white paper with jet black ink looks amazing. I would definitely get a Rhodia pad or few!

  64. Tell you my favourite item of stationery?? AHAHAHAHAHASHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA *wheezes for breath* HANAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAHA AAHAHA (my chest hurts) HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA – oh Shauna, *wipes tear* you’re so funny….

  65. oh no, I am crazy about pens. I started writing as a young teen with a beloved fountain pen (Wearever) which is sadly gone, and have been in and out of pen love ever since. New year/new pen? Sounds good to me.

  66. Oooh, fountain pens! I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pen, and my whole family can lose time in the pen & pencil aisle.

  67. Hi Shauna, I’ve been a big fan of Diet Girl since about 2008, its funny becuase only the other day I was thinking that the Diet Girl super hereo was no longer where you seemed to be at. I’ve been on a similiar “journey” (sorry for overused reality TV word) of epic weight loss and then regain (more regain than you btw so well done!), and I’ve also started to trying to adopt a more mindful approach – I know good old ww just isn’t going to do it for me long term. Anyway I’m really excited to see you moving to such a lovely looking new site which is all about life in general (not just health and fitness) because life in general is where all this stuff actually happens.
    Not sure where all that came from, I just started this comment because I reall really love pens and stationery and would spend that voucher very wisely – espeically as my husband just ran over my lovely new pen in the car – it had fallen out of my pocket – it wasn’t malicous.

  68. I lost my last fountain pen, one I had since I left school then never replaced it as got sucked into the workplace standard of use the biros as they are free. But writing looks so much nicer when written in proper ink 🙂
    If I won I would use the voucher to buy a new fountain pen to use for journaling 🙂

  69. About to start my weightless journey! My new beautiful journal and (maybe) some pretty pens will be in hand the whole way.

  70. The best part about going back to school was the smell of fresh school supplies – erasers, pens, binders, etc. As an adult, I still take a good whiff of the supply cabinet at work! I bet blue ink smells delightful.

    Come on lucky random number generator!

  71. I’d always been one for the stationary binge, the possibility of perfect order and productivity, but it’s all lost its zing for me at the moment. Time for a fountain pen of unknown design?????

  72. Would love to win this voucher. My current favourite pen is the Zebra F-301 Compact, goes everywhere with me and for the price it’s a lot of pen.


    The ABSOLUTE BEST part of this time of year…makes me long for the old school days where you got to go out shopping for it all for the start of school next week. I must confess feeling just a tad jealous walking through Big W and seeing all that beautiful, fresh stationery being snapped up by all the kids today…

  74. Okay. So. Oh god, I think this is actually going to need to be my entry for the coaching prize, because I think you’re about to see the worry that exists in my, umm, existence but it needs to get out there:

    I am mourning what looks like the painful death of the best brand of notebooks I have ever met.

    Oh, the Jottrr. Flexible perfect bound but not so flexible you couldn’t write in it without a table. Blank and lined pages, with the lines at the ideal distance – not to close that I need to pretend I’m a tiny pawed mouse when I write, not so big that I gurn about wasted space on the page. A good, strong, wide bit of closure elastic. Detachable pages at the end, with grids on. But that’s not all.

    Jottrr had the best thickness of pages ever made. Thick enough that I can use and inky pen and the other side of the paper stayed legible, think enough that a good go with a ballpoint made perfect swirly indentations on the other side I could run my fingers over and over and think, “I did that. I made that happen.”

    Just me on the indentations, then? Okay, fine, whatever.

    Jottrr appears to have died, I can no longer get them anywhere. In the meantime I have tried Moleskine (page too narrow, lines too narrow, feel like a hipster who should be writing a screenplay) and have just started a Leuchtturm1917 (dotted is good, page is wider, pages so thin I wonder why they bothered turning up, can never tell people what sort of notebook it is, because: Looch-tu-turm? Loich-turm? Look-t-turm? HUH?)

    I know. I should probably look into counselling. Or, you know, a life. But GODDAMN! How can I do anything if my todo list isn’t on the right paper?!

  75. I do love a good writing instrument – especially when I need to get all the grumpies out of me. Back when I was a girl, Lisa Frank was the thing to use when you were writing notes to friends or begging parents to come get you early from summer camp.

    There’s an intimacy of writing (especially the angsty stuff) that doesn’t translate when typing.

  76. I’ve always had a love of fountain pens and I’ve been interested in using one again. This would be an awesome way to kickstart my re-entry into the world of fountain pens!

  77. Hi,

    I’d love to win the voucher too – i’ve just got back to writing with a fountain pen and have decided that i will treat myself to a Pelikan M1000.

    The £50 would come in very handy for my dream pen !


  78. Ooooh, I love the Cult Pens website – I can drool over pens and pencils for far longer than is really healthy.

    And wishing you all the best for the new phase of shauna-dom! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading, no matter how many sites you’re on 🙂

  79. This is a great site! My favourite piece of stationary, predictably, has to be the pen. Without the pen you’re unable to write and put your thoughts onto paper. With a fountain pen you write with some extra beauty and style. I’ve had my eye on something shiny for a while and winning this would certainly come in handy! 🙂

  80. I’m so happy that Lamy Safari turned out to be the Pen of Happiness 🙂 (don’t worry about putting me in the draw BTW, just wanted to say hi!) x

  81. I love pens and notepads. You can never have too many can you? My fave pen is my Montblanc meisterstuck, but it needs a service. I’ve just ordered a Lamy Safari because everybody seems to rave about them.

  82. Yes please, while my journals don’t have much text I like to sketch, and haven’t done it in 1 year! Need to get back at it!

    Thank you so much for diet girl, you started I don’t know how I found you, but you made the boring days as a secretary worth living… and while I have walked away from my computer and the office job for awhile, I still know you are out there helping the world laugh quietly to its self in their cube;). I loved up&running and plan to do it again soon…maybe not while prego! Need to investigate running strollers;)

  83. Shauna I can’t believe the dietgirl site will be no more 🙁 I have followed you for years, sympathized with your struggled, celebrated your victories, laughed right along with you…but indeed you aren’t just a girl anymore. I love that this is the flower you have grown into 🙂 Beautiful. Thanks so much for giving prezzies to your followers, you’re the best!

  84. I love my paper diary (moleskine for preference) and various pens I keep in my handbag at all times! I know its a bit of a weird habit in the smartphone age, but I still love it!

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