Super Sell Out 2 – Coaching session with super Sas Petherick

Huzzah! Today’s Super Sell Out prize is a one hour life coaching session with Sas Petherick.

super Sas Petherick

I’ve read Sas’ blog for many years, firstly out of curiosity for a fellow ginger. But then I got hooked on her honesty, humour and the way she grabs life by the goolies.

Then last year Sas trained as a coach and was looking for some “guinea pigs” to practice her craft on. I pounced! I’m totally over gruelling on-the-couch-tell-me-about-your-folks shrinkage, but I’d been feeling stagnant and ultra-low on confidence and just fancied a smart, impartial person to talk to. A helping hand to kick my own arse!

Sas Petherick
The lovely Sas

I had a bloody great time in my Sas sessions. She got right to the guts of things, all the while with a wry, sparkly humour. “Now you might think this sounds a bit wanky,” she’d say, “But shall we give it a go?”…. and I’d let my imagination rip with her various exercises and visualisations and unexpected conversational twists and turns. I got so much clarity and energy from her kind, perceptive and no-BS style. Ginger power!

Would you like a chat with Sas? To be in the running for a one-hour session simply leave a comment on this post. If you’re reading via an RSS feed, Facebook or Goodreads, you need to click through to the blog. Entries close Tuesday 31 January 2013 at 9PM GMT. Winner will be drawn at random. Coaching session will be via phone. Click here to view the terms and conditions of the Sell Out.

P.S. Freebie alert – Sas has also created an ebook called The Body Stories, “a treasury of body wisdom from the ladies of the interwebs” including me. Onya Sas!

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36 thoughts on “Super Sell Out 2 – Coaching session with super Sas Petherick

  1. Hi Shauna, I’ll be a sell-out for Sas! I’ve been reading your blog for years and I love it. It really inspires me. I had a bit of a moment over on when I saw your post about moving on until I realized you were blending the two sites. A brilliant decision by the way- it’s honest and whole and feels like the right next step for the journey. Best wishes, Áine

  2. Who doesn’t need some good advice? I’m 42 and still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.

    I love the look of the new blog!

  3. Hi Shauna! I’m in desperate need of some coaching 🙂 been trying to kickstart this year but am somehow stuck… Hugs! xx

  4. So glad you’re still going Shauna. Go you little ripper! I’d love a coaching session, talking to someone impartial always gets me moving!

  5. The timing of this is just perfect as is your description of stagnation. I’m mired down right now, despite New Years resolve, could use some Sass!

  6. We’re only 19 days in, but January has already gone to the dogs. It’s time to seek some wank-free guidance from a cat person.

  7. Ah brilliant! I’m at a loss as to which of the many areas of ‘stuckness’ to pick for coaching, but I’m (scared) and up for it. xx

  8. Just so long as we get a chance to cover How To Cope Even Though You Don’t Have The Perfect Notebook…

  9. This would be awesome! Ive got great things happening at work and I would love the extra kick in the pants to grab a promotion (or two)!

  10. As a new transplant to Scotland (from the US via someplace very far away), I’ve been trolling a bit through your archives of late… 🙂 As lovely as it’s been in that realm to get an outsider’s perspective, probably couldn’t hurt in other areas as well!

  11. In the middle of trying to reinvent myself. I feel myself stalling a bit, so I could use some help right about now!

  12. Wow, I’d love some coaching to get all my projects and plans to the next level – what a great prize! PS. Liking the look of the new site, by the way – all the best for this year of change.

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