Super Sell Out 4 – a ticket to Fitbloggin!

The final Super Sell Out prize is one I would very much like to steal for myself. It is a three day ticket to the 2013 FitBloggin Conference!

This prize is one Full Access ticket to the conference on June 27-30 in Portland, Oregon and and is kindly donated by the inventor of FitBloggin herself, the one and only Roni Noone.

Happy campers at FitBloggin2012
Happy campers at FitBloggin2012. Credit:

The ticket includes access to all presentations and discussions, five meals, two evening social events and the Expo Area. The winner covers their travel, accommodation and other expenses.

With my buddy Carla in 2011... WAH I MISS YOU!
Sloshed me with the one and only Carla (not sloshed) in 2011… why you live so far away?

This conference is fabulous fun. I was lucky enough to go the last two years and had a blast. You don’t have to be a blogger to attend, just a lover of good times and some interest in living a healthier life. There’s heaps of great panels, fitness classes and gobs of great people to meet, all with a welcoming, friendly vibe.

If you’d like to get a feel for the goodness of this event, have a nosy at my reports from 2012 and 2011. So sad that I won’t there this year but will look forward to jealously reading your tweetage.

With my buddies Mara and Karen in 2012
With my panel buddies Mara and Karen in 2012. MEMORIIIEEES!

Do you fancy going to FitBloggin? There is one Full Access Ticket to be won. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter and tell me:

If you could create your own conference on a totally random subject, what would it be?

Come on now. Have a bit of fun with this one. I think I’d go for a Borgen Addicts conference. It would be held in Copenhagen and we’d stomp around in the perpetual greyness wearing stylish trench coats, tour the sets, then lounge around on exquisitely designed couches speaking pretend Danish.

If you’re reading via an RSS feed, Facebook or Goodreads, you need to click through to the blog. Entries close Tuesday 31 January 2013 at 9PM GMT. Winner will be drawn at random. Click here to view the terms and conditions of the Sell Out.

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32 thoughts on “Super Sell Out 4 – a ticket to Fitbloggin!

  1. I desperately need this ticket! And, if I win, someone can stay with me in my house for free. Yay!

    If I could create a totally random conference, I would probably have a paranormal/urban fantasy romance conference. Authors would speak. I would dress up as my favorite vampire/shifter/magical ass-kicker. There would be swordsmanship classes. And hot vampire/shifter/magical ass-kicker dudes to hang out with. This is probably already a thing, right?

  2. Ermagherd, I want this one!!!

    I would like to have a conference for all things La Traviata… except for the part where she dies of consumption.

    I have no idea how this would work.

  3. Portland OR! I might actually be able to attend fit bloggin’ without selling an arm and a leg. (Just an arm.)

    If I had to make a conference on any subject, it would be on Lawn Gnomes. There would be vendors selling all sorts of the little gnomie guys, and we would have talks on Gnomes in popular culture (David the Gnome, holla!) as well as what drives people to take gnomes on vacations soley to take pictures of them in various places.

    Sadly, I’m pretty sure just me and my best friend would be the only ones to attend.

  4. Cancelled TV show conference!
    I would love a conference where disappointed fans could discuss “what would have happened if….?” There could be panel discussions on what happend next and where are they now?

  5. I would looooove to go to Fitbloggin!! Shauna you’ll be there right?

    What about this for a conference idea?
    A week’s worth of condensed “day in the life of” different types of careers, and you pick your top 5 that you want to participate in. They do an overview and then you jump in, in a staged area that’s just like the job conditions in real life. In a week you could experience teaching, being a chef, working with animals, etc. It wouldn’t be too hard core, so it would be realistic but fun too. Like “Dirty Jobs” but not gross. 🙂

    1. Hiya Thea! Sadly I can’t make it this year. But if this Fools Conference happens please let me know, I am THERE 😀

  6. A Skyrim Bard convention. We’d have classes on how to play lutes and would learn to play the songs the Bards play in the game, as well as make up our own! 🙂

  7. Oh, I’m hoping to get to go! (And a free ticket would help ease the way. 🙂

    And if I could have a random conference on anything that interests me… an Elm Street conference. All Nightmare on Elm Street, all the time. I confess – I’m a horror junkie and a weirdo.

  8. Wow – this is happening in my city! cool! I would put together a conference like comicon, but for the ladies. Not to say that dudes couldn’t go, but I would love to attend one that’s not such a sausagefest.

    note: I know that there’s a geekgirlcon in Seattle every year, but I haven’t been able to attend yet. I need one in Portland!

  9. Oh me me me…I am going but my Fitbloggin savings jar could be helped with this ticket!

    My own conference – workshop would involve lots of ruby red shoes, magic wands, and FUNtastic break outs involving living up to potential!

  10. Oooo, would love to go to this one! Portland is my favorite city.

    This may sound kind of dull, but I would organize a respite conference, for primary caregivers (of kids or of relatives who can’t care for themselves) to get some R&R. Someplace tropical, like Hawaii, so they could also get some fruity drinks with umbrellas. The dream twist would be that lovely corporate sponsors would cover all the expenses and would make the arrangements for the backup care.

  11. I would love to win this ticket. I’m doing a thingy on my blog, hoping someone comes along and offers to fly me to the US (from Australia) and pay for my accommodation.

    Not having to pay for the conference ticket would cut costs hugely. I’m keen to attend and meet so many of the bloggers I ‘virtually know’ and love!

    As for my own conference… in all seriousness something to do with ‘finding your voice’ and writing would be great! (In reality, something where I got to meet Richard Armitage would be even better!).


  12. I would love the opportunity to go to Fitbloggin’~!!

    If you could create your own conference on a totally random subject, what would it be?

    It would be about my obsession with McDonalds’ Diet Coke. How do they get the mix JUST right??? MUST FIND OUT!

  13. I would loooove this ticket so I can go this year. I’ll be in the country for once!

    If I could create my own conference on a totally random subject, it would it be a conference on roadtrips. They are my favorite thing ever.

  14. I would love to go but my budget cant afford both the conference ticket and the mega plane ticket so this would free up some funds and allow me to go!!!

    Since Ive never been I have no idea what kind of topics are usually discussed, but if I could pick one it would be to discuss and dissect the stigma of weight loss surgery and bring a greater understanding about the topic so there is less friction and discrimination in the weight loss/healthy blogger world. Or Greek yogurt.

  15. This isn’t too exciting, but I would love to attend a conference that teaches one how to be an adult. Like with courses on how to do stinking taxes and find out how equity and mortgages work. How to build investments and growth funds. Sigh, I wish there was a manual sometimes.

    That, or a burping conference. With breakout sessions on techniques to lengthen them or make more basso profundo. There would be a lot of fiZzy drinks served!
    Ok, that’s gross, but there it is!

  16. I want to go!!! I’ve been dying to go to FitBloggin for the past two years!!

    My conference would be merging two of my passions: health/fitness and horses. The morning would start with a run or equine-centered yoga followed by a delicious paleo breakfast. After breakfast there would be riding classes and clinics until lunch. Lunch would be “cook and learn” focused on nutrition information. The afternoon would be filled with a trail ride and a fun fitness class before a deliciously catered dinner. The evening would be social hour and/or spa services, and of course lots of horse talk for the equine obsessed. 😉

  17. Fitboggin and the land of Powell’s Books? Oooh yes please!

    Hmm, I’d love a conference on naps. I need one!

  18. If I could host a conference it would likely be on, “The Many, Many, Ways I Have Stuck My Foot In It.” There would be quite a bit of content and much hilarity.

  19. “Getting in touch with my inner awesome” conference. Women only
    Focus on doing, not talking.
    Focus on trying new things.
    For example-
    awesome truth or dare
    Rock climbing
    Burlesque dancing
    painting nudes in the nude
    Stand up paddle board yoga
    wine/whisky appreciation..
    You get the idea.

  20. A conference of my own? Hmmm, how about a “This Is Your Life” conference? But feature “time travel like opportunities” as in here is your life in 1687, 1750,1890,1920 or 2050 where one could experience what life was or will be like for someone like themselves in those times. Include a “Make Your Dream Your Reality” section with authors, vacation organizers, home life coaches and decorators who will help one appreciate what they have already and can plan for what they want…honestly, I don’t think my life would be so swell as a 41 year old woman in 1750, I’d likely have given birth to thirteen children (if I hadn’t died trying) and be considered a grandma, maybe a great grandma and be near death. Yep, I like my life much better after considering this option. See, everyone would feel better about themselves? Thanks for the opportunity to attend. Love Portland and it would be a terrific time away.

  21. I would make a conference called “You are not alone” in which I spend the weekend telling people all the weird stuff about myself and encouraging them to do the same. By the end, everyone will probably have heard at least one odd thing they can relate with. And then they are automatically comforted. And feel less alone.
    Win win win.

  22. My conference would be GO-GINGA – the Gathering Of Gorgeous, Interesting, Naughty Ginger Artistes. Obviously you and I would feature prominently and the star turn would be Mr Tim Minchin, naturellement, loaning his epic work “Prejudice” as the theme tune for the proceedings. The “gorgeous” component would help the world to appreciate auburn aesthetics; “Interesting” would get us press coverage and “Naughty” would up the registrations, offer enticing PR and serve as a disclaimer for the inevitable red-headed revelry! Only Artistes can attend so that we have talent and entertainment on tap – and to illustrate that whilst unable to cope in strong sunlight, we are nevertheless wonderful creative freckle-ridden beings.

  23. Id love to have a blogging conference. Beginning would be starting your blog and there would be coding classes, anything related to building your blog. I’m sure this already exists, I just need to find it!

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