Soundtrack to your life

Speaking of Sas, she’s just started a new interview series, delving into minds via “awkward probing questions and a personalised mixtape”. I’m first cab off the rank today and she really did get me dusting off the brain and the music collection. WARNING: soundtrack contains Foreigner 😉

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4 thoughts on “Soundtrack to your life

  1. happily listening now – only laughing a little at foreigner.

    all of your answers make me like you even more – except that you should ax Nigella and pick me for tea 🙂

  2. great interview – lots of neat tidbits about you. Totally love that Foreigner song…have you heard the version from last season of the Voice? Terry McDermott did a version of it that is pretty awesome!

    I wish going for tea was a thing here…it sounds lovely – tea, sweets, friends, etc. Oz seems to have kept more UK traditions (and cool accents) than we did here in the other colony. 😉

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