Thug life

Signs of spring in the Valleyfield Wood.

Thug Life


Ye olde walled garden

Skanko n Scud

Wood pigeons

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10 thoughts on “Thug life

  1. Hooray!!! I love your photography, so I’m psyched to see it.

    Apparently it’s time to Thug It Up. Thanks for giving me the go sign. =)

    (p.s. I can’t BELIEVE the amount of flowers you have already–woah!)

  2. Beautiful photos, love all the flowers. I’m sure there are many Scots celebrating…better than the whines I’ve been hearing for months from my rellies about the cold 🙂

  3. Love love love these. Especially the lily of the snow drops!
    And the birds in a barren tree – such a quintessential northern hemisphere scene.

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