Up & Running winners

Teleportation and the ability to fly were your most wished for superpowers! Here are the U&R giveaway winners as chosen by the Random Number Generator:

  • Penny would like the ability to sleep and an empathy gun
  • Caitlyn would like to control the weather
  • Jerilyn wants to clone herself
  • Lilliam longs to clean her entire house with the snap of her fingers
  • JJ wants the ability to predict the stock market

Thanks everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners – I’ve emailed you with the details.

Missed out this time round? There’s still time to join in – the courses start next week!

Back soon with February MIFL Report, etc. In the meantime, if you fancy a stickybeak into the life of an Up & Runner, I’m chatting to the magnificent Marci G over on the U&R blog today. Smokin’!

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