Two weeks with Vitamin D

We’re back to default grey and miserable today, so I’m not jinxing anything by mentioning out loud: the last two weeks were… sunny.

It started with the Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend. I’d warned my visiting Up & Running pals to expect hypothermia, windburn and/or bad hair for the race, but the blue skies made a fool of me.

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

While I was on cheer squad duty, Gareth lounged in the back yard for six hours listening to the England v New Zealand cricket test. It was cool and windy, so he had a hoodie on his top half, but he’d unarchived his shorts and sandals for the bottom half. This was the result:


“So I guess my theory that wind blows away UV rays is unfounded,” he said, “Besides, it’s your fault for leaving me at home unsupervised!”.


A sunny midweek followed, then I went to London to visit my sister and go to the Cybher blog conference. It’s in its second year and there were some great sessions, but the absolute highlight was randomly meeting three brilliant ladies: hilarious Caitlin from How To Play House, knitting maven Helen from Curious Handmade and photographer Kirsty Barton. I want to frame Kirsty’s business card… check out the eyes on the wee dog!

Business cards from Cybher

The next day I finally met the magnificent Sas in person for breakfast and yammering on. She is the bees’ knees and I grinned like a goof all day. #gingerpower


(Photo nicked from Sas.)

Back to Scotland for another sunny mid-week, including an impromptu drive to Anstruther

Anstruther fish and chips

… then on Friday night we spent an hour cleaning the BBQ (untouched since the “heatwave” of 2010), an hour waiting for it to heat up, then twenty minutes incinerating our dinner.

Summer BBQ

Finally on Saturday Gareth and I worked at the Farmers’ Market. He’s been helping out a local brewery lately, so we manned the stall while the brewer was on holiday.

Are you the farmer?

We made a pretty good team. He handled the beer chat and tastings while I handled the dosh and made sure the beer labels were perfectly aligned on the shelves. I recommended beers to unsuspecting locals as if I actually drank the stuff. We only had one moment of deranged, panicky flapping when we had a sudden run on gift packs and neither of us could work out how to fold up the boxes. We ended up selling all but four bottles! Score.

You may be scratching your head at this indulgent photo fest,  but you must understand the rarity of two consecutive non-grey weeks. Now the clouds are back and I’ve got nowt but freckles and memories…


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22 thoughts on “Two weeks with Vitamin D

  1. That is a beautiful picture of Edinburgh up top! Makes me want to go there.

    Sounds like a great week, except that Gareth’s skin is probably peeling off in sheets by now.

  2. You are my second favourite person named Reid, and are one funny sheila
    Love the picture of the wee dug.
    Lol re the sunburn. Doofus.

  3. Shauna!!! I almost started weep at your picture of Anstruther, it’s been 10 months since I moved to Dublin from St Andrews and ever since I’ve been craving that chippy goodness! I hope it was good and you had some ice cream after. Okay…weeping now. *sniffle*

  4. Wait. You CLEANED THE BBQ? How very un-Australian. Don’t you know you just light a massive fire under the grill and let all the crud burn off? I bet it goes rusty now… 😉

  5. My husband (who happens to be of Scottish descent) is SO paranoid about his feet getting sunburned! That is the first part of his body that he slathers with sunscreen. He considers a trip to the beach a success if he comes back ‘whiter’ than when he went 🙂

  6. When I see pic of you, three words come to mind: what a cutie.

    That’s all I wanted to say.

    Shauntay from yep, sunny SoCal

  7. oh what glorious blue skies – interesting your only place photo without blue skies is london 🙂 I hope summer might bring some more fine weather but I know that this much is as much as you might expect in scotland – and I guess Gareth does need to get over his sunburn – ouch! Sounds like fun to be on a farmers market stall – would be great people watching when you are not serving customers

  8. I don’t know if any of the present slate of commentators remember me, although it is a pleasure to see that T.A.M. is still around. But as an O.G. What’s New Pussycat? reader now presently combing through his RSS feeds during a break between hard creative labor due to certain draconian elisions from a corporate behemoth that professes not to be evil (but that most assuredly is) and as someone who fondly remembers leaving prolix and jocular comments back in the day (last one perhaps five years ago?), I felt compelled to lodge a rejoinder in the midst of this tedious “Bye bye Google Reader!” business and remark upon your latest dispatch. There is a not bad track from some band called the Midnight Juggernauts providing a somewhat gloomy counterpoint to my typing. So I hope the hyperbolic exuberance comes through.

    Gareth’s visual homage to the barbershop quartet is quite impressive, but he should not be especially fazed by his lack of preventive measures in this age of ongoing climate change. I am, however, especially vexed about potential third-degree burns in the forthcoming years. While there will almost certainly be more humans than tomatoes as we contend with our 20th century irresponsibility, it does not follow that one should tip the balance this early. There is no shame in smoothing grandiose dabs of protective sunblock across vast stretches of pallid flesh. I still do this all the time and have outgrown the last vestiges of ridicule in order to fight additional days in the outside world with a reasonably robust dermal front.

    I must confess great lust for your incinerated offerings to the great carnal gods. As you know, these days, I live happily with my pescatarian lover. I am often moved to order vast swaths of meat when dining with compadres and acquaintances at restaurants, but the days when I was the Barbeque King during the summer are sadly over (although I do still cook elaborate multicourse dinners for friends). Thus, my relationship to meat has taken on a somewhat pornographic quality, of which your photo has fulfilled every sordid criteria.

    In any event, I’m glad to see that all is well, Shauna. Please drop a line when you can.

    But I would suggest very strongly, Shauna, that you are quite adept at “handling the beer chat.” Such matters need not fall along gender lines.

    1. ED!!!

      Hello there!

      “As you know, these days, I live happily with my pescatarian lover.”

      What a glorious line 🙂 The hyberbolic exuberance is as wonderful as ever!

      The beer chat comment was about non-beer drinker lines, rather than gender ones. Much to Gareth’s disgruntlement I can’t stand the stuff. If you are ever in Scotland please come over for some homebrew and all the incinerated meats you can eat!

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