Up & Running Summer winners

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Anyone else busting for a holiday after all those Up & Running giveaway comments? Here are the lucky winners are declared by the Random Number Generator:

  • Georgia‘s round-the-world romp would include Spain, Germany, Holland, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Vanuatu, and New York.
  • Sarah‘s tour would start in Denmark so she and her similarly Lego obsessed child can get their fix.
  • Emmaline would do “an international (mostly European) tour de la famille”.
  • Nicole is going country downhill skiing with friends and family in British Columbia with and evenings in a cosy lodge with Jamie Oliver as her personal chef and cooking teacher.
  • Beth would head home to Australia and do all the wonderful Aussie things she’s never done – Uluru, Broome, Margaret River…

Thanks everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners – I’ve emailed you with the details. Please get in touch ASAP to claim your prize!

Missed out this time round? There’s still time to join in – the courses start next week! Come along and join the club, it’s a hoot, I promise! For both the running and Sara’s brilliant emoticons!

World's best emoticons, designed by


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2 thoughts on “Up & Running Summer winners

  1. I’d love to sign up this time around, but I think that’s me being an eager beaver once again.
    I checked the course requirement and I’m currently walking 5 kms in 71 mins. Which works out to 14 and a bit minutes for 1km.
    SO…I’m gonna set myself the target of comfortably walking 1km in 12 minutes or less..or 5km in 1 hr before the start of the next course in September. 😀

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