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“Well,” said Mary, “I’m never going to forget where I was when Andy Murray won Wimbledon.”

As over-bloody-joyed as we were to see Andy win yesterday, we were even more happy that Mary was here to make a joke about it. Comrades, it’s been a crazy six days. My parents-in-law miraculously survived a terrible head-on collision on Tuesday. I’ll forever be grateful to the inventor of airbags, sturdy Volkswagen Golfs and the National Health Service.

David was thankfully okay, but Mary was in surgery for six hours with internal injuries. The surgeons did amazing things, and she survived. There is a very long road ahead, but she is going to be with us. The relief of typing that feels so good.

It amazes me how our brains make room for such a range of emotions and experiences all at once. Despite the shellshock, we got sucked in to the tension and excitement of Andy’s quarter final on Wednesday. With happier news on Friday, it felt a little more like okay to shout at the telly as he put us through the semi-final wringer.

We watched the big one yesterday from the Intensive Care Unit. There was a television, so we gave Mary a running commentary amongst the bleeping machines. Credit to Castle, McEnroe and Boris et al – commentary is hard! Righto Mary. Murray’s 40 – 0 up. Match point. SHIT! I mean, sorry. Deuce. When he finally clinched it, a cheer rippled around the cool quiet of the ICU.

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43 thoughts on “Relief

  1. Woah, scary times! So glad the mother in law is ok, I can’t even imagine the wringer you and Gareth have been through in the last week.

    I know what you mean about the safety of cars. When my dad wrote off a brand new car after it flipped over on the m25 I was immensely grateful for the fact he had bought the car based on Which? magazines review, which put it as the safest car in its class – for once I was thankful he is always such a geek about buying anything new!

    Much, much love and healing hugs to you all. xxxxxxxx

  2. So glad to hear m-i-l is going to be okay. It’s scary how fast something like that can happen. I was rooting for Andy yesterday too, even though I’m from Nebraska USA. What a thrill for all of England when he won! Congrats to you and your adopted country!

  3. Holy BLEEP! I’m glad your mother-in-law is alive and recovering. My sideview mirror got clipped by a car on the highway once who’d had a sudden tire blow out and that was scary enough. It felt like my whole car had gotten smacked. (It was on September 9, 2001 too, so I thought it would be the worst day all week, but it wasn’t.) I can’t imagine what surviving a head-on collision must be like. Glad the airbags were there!

  4. Hugs to you and Gareth, so glad all turned out well. I feel like I know you all, silly as it sounds, prayers to your MIL for speedy healing. ❤

  5. So sorry to hear about this and so glad that your m-i-l is going to make a recovery. You must all have been going through hell. Isn ‘t the NHS fantastic when it works properly?

  6. Oh my goodness! So glad your MIL pulled through. Hurrah for airbags, sturdy VWs, NHS, super surgeons, fabulous family, and Andy for giving you another thing to celebrate. Big hugs to you, Dr. G, FIL and a gentle hand squeeze for MIL:)

  7. so sorry to hear about the accident – a friend of mine had a terrible accident that left her in hospital for months and she made sure her next car had airbags because her old one didn’t. Best wishes to Mary in her recovery and the family who will support her.

    we were delighted to hear murray won but couldn’t watch because it was at such a crazy time – when I went to bed murray had one set and djokavich was winning the second 4-1 so I was quite concerned for Andy

  8. Sorry to hear about the accident, Shauna – what an emotionally exhausting week it must have been (I can’t believe you found the time to continue as our #1 UAR cheerleader – talk about females and an ability to multitask!!!). Hope the everyone involved is convalescing well – thinking of you…

  9. so very, very glad your parents-in-law are okay — the road to recovery is long sometimes but you are very, very right — at least she is here for you guys!!! take care!

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your MIL – but glad that she’s on the mend!
    This hit a little close to home for me, my fiance had open heart surgery 6 weeks ago (10 hours, and was touch and go) and spent 2 weeks in ICU, a month in hospital all up.
    Huzzah for recoveries and impending good health all around!

  11. Glad Mary is doing better now and I’ll send healing thoughts in your direction. Must say, I wondered what you and Gareth were doing when Andy won, but “sitting in ICU doing our best Johnny Mac” wasn’t on my list!

  12. So sorry to hear about the accident – how utterly terrifying for you all. Best wishes to Mary for a speedy recovery 🙂 xxx

  13. Wowza, Shauna and Dr. G… I’m so very happy to hear that Mary is healing and that she and David survived the crash. Hugs and good wishes all around!

  14. Eek! I’m so sorry to hear such horrible news, sweetie. So glad though that Mary is going to be OK. What a nightmare of a week for you.

    Big hugs and kisses to you and Dr G!

  15. Wow, I’m so glad Gareth’s parents are ok/on the mend. Take care of each other. Sending positive thoughts/prayers/hopes/healing dust your way!

  16. What a horrible shock – glad she’s on the mend. As you say, it’s a long road ahead, and it’ll be tough at times. Recovery seems to go in fits and starts rather than a smooth line so hang on in there…

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