Up & Running September winners

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Look out! Aliens! Grab your Apple devices and run for your life!

Thanks for all your comments on the Up & Running giveaway. I always look forward to making up the giveaway question because your answers are so random and hilarious. Also, if the aliens come they better not cut off the wifi or we’re all screwed!

Here are the lucky winners as declared by the Random Number Generator:

  • Jess – her hamster, secret stash of Pop Tarts and her iPad
  • Kari – heart rate monitor, iPhone, and her pajama bottoms.
  • Linda J – “I know he’s not a possession but I wouldn’t leave my son to the alien invasion 🙂 and I’d grab my handbag en route…”
  • Rhi – “peanut butter (for energy. Delicious energy), lip balm (it’s my life force) and Game of Thrones book”
  • Vicky – sunglasses, sunscreen and iPhone full of tunes, especially Eagles!
  • Áine – her MAC concealer, the bronze camels her Aunt gave her (COOL!) and her diary – “as himself used to say ‘HOW could you have that many feelings?’”
  • Hazel – her cats, her phone, and her Mum!

Congratulations to the winners – I’ve emailed you with the details. Please get in touch ASAP to claim your prize!

If you missed out this time, there’s still time to joooinnn uuuuss – courses start next week!

Back soon, once I surface from this pile of moving boxes. Bonus question for you! Should Gareth keep the box of cassettes that he keeps hauling round from home to home despite not having owned a tape deck for years?!

More of our fab emoticons by saralando.com

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5 thoughts on “Up & Running September winners

  1. Gareth: anything you recorded yourself / is otherwise irreplaceable, you keep (and make digital copies at first opportunity). The rest is just baggage.

    I hope the runners have a great time! I’m back to lazy 5K jogs when health allows, but maybe later…

  2. Where did I miss that you’re moving and where are you going???

    For Gareth: Bad news, Buddy – if you haven’t used them in over a year, they need to go. Donate them to the library jumble sale and let them make some money for a great cause! (Bonus points from your wife because she won’t have to look at them any longer.)

    1. I was going to say that most of them probably have deteriorated past the point of being playable. I know it was a tragic surprise when vinyl came back in style, after we’d all rid ourselves of our original Jimi Hendrix albums, but even if tape comes back, Gareth’s are probably rubbish by now. And ditto on the moving question.

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