Win a spot on the September Up & Running 5k or 10k course

Coach Julia cannae wait to coach you.
Coach Julia cannae wait to coach you.

In just over a week our last Up & Running courses for 2013 will begin, so this my last attempt to tempt you to join our lovely, kickarse international running club!

Our 5K Beginners Course starts on Monday 2 September and the 10K Course starts on Thursday 5 September, each going for eight weeks.

Here’s what’s in store…

  • an eight week training plan, tried & tested with 1000s of runners around the globe
  • a daily blog chock full of support materials, like running techniques, drills, videos and inspiring videos
  • unlimited support from expert coach Julia Jones, for all your running questions
  • access to our private community forum with outstanding emoticons
  • boundless, glorious SMUGNESS as you head into the tail end of 2013, having done something so epic and wholesome for yourself.

I’m giving away five free places, with the winner choosing the course they’d like to do. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me, If evil aliens invaded today and you had to flee your home with only three possessions, what would you take?

(Can you tell decluttering is on my mind!?)

  • Entries close 11PM GMT on Wednesday 28 August.
  • There will be five winners and they have their choice of 5K or 10K course
  • The winner can gift the prize to a friend, so you can enter if you choose not to run but want to surprise a friend.
  • Winners will be randomly selected.
  • Winners can be from anywhere in the world. Previous winners are eligible to enter again. Remember the Courses are for women only.

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58 thoughts on “Win a spot on the September Up & Running 5k or 10k course

  1. Ooh! Previous winners eligible? Made me think twice but I really am happy having done the fantastic 5K course. Thanks again by the way:)

    Good luck for all those who enter!

    P.S. Love the photo of Julia!

  2. I would take my cat (because she is incapable of fending for herself), my iPad (because even in the midst of an alien invasion, I might want to play Candy Crush), and my purse, because you have to have a purse.

  3. If aliens invaded, I would bring my cat (if she counts as a possession, she sure doesn’t think so), my ipad with kindle app for reading (hopefully the aliens don’t mess with electricity and internet), and something for survival (maybe a knife or canteen or something) because I would probably be hopeless in that type of scenario!

  4. I’d take: my husband, the complete grey’s anatomy boxset and enough Cadburys caramel to feed the world.

  5. Hmm, well since you give me three items and I have three kids, that has to be my default, my kids.

    If they are on their own and it is just possessions, I would have to take 1) my good coffee, 2) sunscreen, and 3) a machete. Doesn’t everyone need a machete during an alien invasion?

  6. Excluding my husband and son, I’d take my iPhone, my wallet, and my car in the event of an alien invasion.

  7. Hmmmm…pocketknife (don’t own a machete!), laptop (strictly for research ;)), and my super-awesome-memory-foam-pillow. Sleeping on a nice pillow makes everything better, even aliens I reckon!

  8. You know how much I LOVED the 10K course. Changed my attitude about fitness and got me running all the time. Would so love to give this or the 5k course to a friend!

  9. Oh…I would love to win!! Just starting my new healthy life tomorrow!!

    I would take my loved ones , (son Henry & husband Ryan), my dog Stellar and my hard drive with all my photos on it.

    Many thanks,

  10. Assuming that my family aren’t classed as possessions, I would take my iPhone, my knitting, and my deodorant 😉

  11. hi shauna, lets see if i can win myself a ticket… have been lurking around for ages… 🙂

    what would i take:
    my laptop, peanutbutter and my old kitty…

    kinda weird…. 🙂
    greetings from berlin,

  12. Assuming kids and husband don’t count as possessions, I’d take the dog, my Swiss army knife (you never know when you’ll need to take a stone out of a horse’s hoof) and my gran’s pearls. 🙂

  13. Ok so since I don’t consider my dogs and cats possessions (they part of the family) I would grab a picture of my dad who passed away, my computer and my roller skates since those might come in handy.

  14. My diary – as himself used to say ‘HOW could you have that many feelings?’

    My good Mac concealer that’s now practically glued to my make-up bag cause I keep losing it, going into mourning over how spensive it was, agonizing over buying another one. . .then finding it again. Hit repeat

    The set of bronze camels that my glorious great Aunt gave me

  15. I would take a lot of yarn, knitting needles and it is a toss up between cat and coffee. The cat is 19 and how much coffee could I bring?

  16. My running shoes, to run away from the aliens (I don’t have to be able to run faster than them, I only have to be able to run faster than YOU!); aluminium foil to wrap around my head so the aliens can’t control my mind (everyone knows that works); and my sunglasses so I can look cool like the Men In Black.

  17. I’ve deliberately not read down what are undoubtedly thought provoking and funny responses to this Alien thing – and so am diving in with
    (1) my cats – how I’d worry if I didn’t know they were safe!
    (2) my phone – only so I could scream ‘where are you?? are you ok??’ to everyone in my address book
    (3) my mother – she’d never forgive me otherwise.

  18. PS

    Cats’ replies:
    (1) flowerpot of catnip. You can always mellow out when you are in the catnip
    (2) access to a vantage point. However many legs the aliens have, if you are taller than them, you are superior. Actually, you are a cat, you are superior – full stop.
    (3) the intuitive secret map of mice. You humans know nothing – we have map, we are fed and happy.

  19. Good luck to everyone. The 5K course is excellent. I did it last year and I now feel five years younger and ten times fitter (and I’m not exaggerating!). I’d take my Up and Running certificate from last year, my Nichol Farhi silk dress for whent the aliens hold a party and my mother’s ring.

  20. Ooh, I’ve just signed up for first 10k! IT’S A SIGN! Come the alien invasion, I would take peanut butter (for energy. Delicious energy), lip balm (it’s my life force) and Game of Thrones books (halfway through – MADLY addictive. Couldn’t leave it if I tried). Given that in our house the cat possesses me rather than the other way round, I can only hope I’m on his list.

  21. (1) Towel
    (2) Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (new edition)
    (3) Electronic sub-ether signalling device

    You may deal with the the aliens, I take my family and my cats to a new planet!

  22. 1. My Gran’s watch – it never left her wrist. Doesn’t fit mine but I can feel her with me in the room when I hold it.

    2. My running shoes – I’m participating in a duathlon in less than seven weeks now (yikes!) and it won’t happen if I don’t have my properly worn-in shoes!

    3. My Crunchie bar mug – reminds me of childhood visits to the UK to visit my Gran (with lots and lots of tea and chocolate!)

    If I win, I’ll choose the 10K course because I want to try that distance in 2014.

    (xoxo for Shauna!!!)

  23. Hmmm….well, since my dogs are part of my family, that means that they don’t count as possessions, as OF COURSE they would be with me….so that leaves three more things.

    1) My I-phone so that I could worry myself sick if I was not able to reach my grown daughter

    2) A pot of tea so that I could offer the aliens some Southern hospitality, in the hopes that they’d be so charmed that they wouldn’t EAT me!

    3) My brand new UpandRunning Running Diary as I want to track my workouts even if there is no electricity.

    If I win, (does Random drawing mean that bribes are out? lol!) then I will definitely use it to take the 10k course. I LOVED the 5k course! In fact, I loved it so much that I’m taking it again to hopefully increase my speed. A turtle I yam, I yam.

  24. 1. An axe (been watching a lot of Walking Dead episodes…seems like it would be handy in this situation)
    2. Comfortable walking shoes
    3. Supple of contact lenses

  25. I would take my phone because pretty much my whole life is on there/in the cloud anyway, phone charger (obvs), and lipbalm.

  26. I know he’s not a possession but I wouldn’t leave my son to the alien invasion 🙂 and I’d grab my handbag en route…

  27. I know you THINK I haven’t finished the 5k but I will this week! Better late than never…
    I often think about what I would take if there’s a zombie invasion, probably a similar occurrence?

    My cat (attack cat), crossbow and a park of cards (there’s a lot of downtime when you are on the run…)

  28. Aliens? Heck, I”m taking myu kids, my husband and my grumpy mummy face. Because you mess with my family, you get my full grumpy mummy attention. And nobody and nothing can face down this mum in full grumpy mode…

  29. I assume the husband, kids, and dog will follow me on their own feet, no need to carry them. So, my phone (Although, who knows how long the satellites will remain in orbit. Aliens might shoot them all down); coffee; and a baseball bat.

  30. Assuming my husband could get out on his own, I would take: my dogs, my cell phone, and my journals.

  31. I’m a weird cat lady with 6 cats, so I’d take my husband and the 2 cats who win the save my life raffle. Actually, we’d stuff all of the cats in our shirts and take them. And then my ipod because who can live without theirs?

  32. Sunglasses, sunscreen and iphone (complete with all my songs, especially by the Eagles – seriously)

  33. I’d take my Mother’s 40 year old poker dot bikini – that I have always wanted to try wearing – because if the evil aliens are invading then it’s probably finally time to just let it all hang out. I’d also take my skateboard which, like the bikini, I haven’t used a whole lot but wish I had. Finally, I would take my mobile phone, so that if the communication towers aren’t all down I can coordinate a rendezvous on a distant beach with my sister.

    The sight of me wobbling around on a skate board in a bikini might just be enough to force a retreat.

    Hopefully my husband, who tells me he is the strongest man in the world, is running after me with the kids in his arms.

  34. Pets/Family aside, I would bring: coffee (a girl’s gotta have coffee); a pack of playing cards (when worse comes to worse, there’s always solitaire); and my pocket knife (cause it’s useful).

  35. Assuming my husband is running just in front… My Nespresso machine, my knitting stuff ( to replace everything and to keep busy) and my iPod somehow with never ending charge!

  36. I would take my hamster, my secret stash of Pop Tarts and my iPad. (Does the apocalypse have WiFi…?)

  37. A book (probably PG Wodehouse as I always turn to Jeeves and Wooster in times of distress) A pen (stationery always plays an important role in my life and if push comes to shove can be used as a weapon) The good teabags (nuff said).

  38. 1. Kindle
    2. My treasured silver bangle
    3. A cosy hoody

    No kids, pets or other half so not harming anyone by taking the above!

    Hello Shauna – I won some porridge a few years ago?! Am back perusing your sites since I am bigger than ever and horrified at my ‘out of breathness’ after taking the stairs tonight as I got home with fish n chips. So, WW tomorrow and a kick up the finress arse is needed too!

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