Might come in handy one day

  • Some called me lazy back in January, when I shoved the Christmas tree into a garbage bag and tossed into the loft with the decorations still on it, but now it’s packed up and ready to move! FORWARD PLANNING.
Christmas tree
Hmm… looking a bit wonky up top
  • This tasty feeling of turning my life upside down reminds me of leaving Oz in 2003. I love a good life reboot. Back then it was distilling a Canberra apartment into a suitcase; this time it’s a family-size house and garage down to a two-bedroom flat (demand outweighs supply up there, they say). Gareth is mourning the garage brewery, but I’m pumped for smaller digs and pared-down possessions. The more stuff that walks out the door, the more space and lightness I feel in my brain. It’s a calm and quiet process this time though; not a gleeful running-away-from-something feeling.
  • Unlike a decade ago, I’m not scared of the unknown. I’m not worrying if this is the right or wrong move. It’s just a move. I’m not one to wang on about “The Universe” or fate or destiny… I reckon life is a mish-mosh of a) conscious decisions and b) completely random shit. So I will let things unfold, try to be open and choose whatever path feels best at the time. Something will happen up there, and whatever that is, even if it sucks I’ll get through it eventually.
  • I’ve been Gumtree-ing like a mofo. Gumtree is the dogs’ knob. I put a random item up there, and on average within half a day someone’s picked it up. Example: our gigantic, ancient television is too big for the flat. It was a cast-off from friends who’d originally got it free from a pub. Now it gets a fourth life with a stranger from Glenrothes. In your face, fancy flat-screen tellies!
Will miss these Fife sunsets
Will miss this sunset view
  • Tip:  Think carefully before shacking up with someone with hobbies that require lots of objects. Beware of home brewers, multi-instrumentalists and cyclists. Especially all three rolled into one person. And those who keep random planks of wood because they Might Come In Handy Some Day. I love you Gareth, but every time I open a cupboard I want to run away and be one of those minimalists. I’d travel the world with nowt but three pairs of undies, a Moleskine notebook and insufferable smugness. I’d stop typing vowels too, jst t cnsrv spc.
  • Most of my stuff is paper – souvenirs, notebooks, letters and Very Important newspaper cuttings. I nearly turfed it all into storage but decided to spend a few days sorting it properly. I pared four mega boxes into one shoe box of special stuff. I took my pal Sara‘s advice that if you don’t have room for something, take a photo then ditch it! Everything not photographed or boxed up now lives on in the brain-shed (or the heart one).
Travel agent note from 2003... this made the cut :)
Travel agent note from 2003… this made the cut 🙂
  • So we’re getting there. I can say without an ounce of self-deprecation I look and feel like crap! The past three months have been a bit intense. I’m not whinging – how could I with all Mary is going through (she’s making great progress, by the way!) – but my brain is overwhelmed mush. It’s taken me a week to bring you this gibberish! I want to fast forward to trotting along the River Ness and getting back into my routines. So excited for that.
  • I went into the loft last night to get more boxes. It’s so quiet and peaceful up there. I could hear the wind and the farmer ploughing the field nearby. I wished I’d appreciated the loft more this past four years. More than just a cardboard graveyard, turns out it’s a great place for nap!

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27 thoughts on “Might come in handy one day

  1. I’m studying today. Took a break to read your post and it made me smile so thanks. Glad Mary is doing better, sending her some positive thoughts! A

  2. hi. previously too i have posted comments on your blog but i guess they never got accepted. I discovered your blog this may and read through all the archives. you have inspired me to start writing nothing great.

    just wanted to say that in this post “unlike a decade ago….” struck a cord with me. that is it. wish you all the best.

  3. Aw. Thinking of you! What a great opportunity for a life reboot, as you say! A bit sad we didn’t get to see you when we were in the country, but our trip was pretty crazy as it was — and it sounds like your life is, too. Should be so much fun to get to know a new place, and it’s GORGEOUS up there, as I’m sure you know. Take care and I’ll keep up with your adventures to whatever extent you have time to post about them. Much love!

  4. Happy moving, I’m looking forward to moving out of my flat, and culling all my worldly goods…
    it’s oddly liberating!

    Will Have to come visit you in Inverness!

  5. I wish I had a loft to put all my stuff that might come in handy one day – I also have piles of must sort through this when I get time. Argh! I think my problem is this is the place I have lived the longest since leaving home and we just continue to accumulate with the clear out that is moving – good luck with it and glad to hear mary is doing well

  6. Your post was timely. I just moved last week from my beloved large house of 9 years to a much smaller townhome. It has been an emotional transition. Trying to find space for things and mourning the loss of “space”…I appreciated your perspective and the tips (taking pictures of things). It helped! Thanks, Shauna!

  7. catching up with you. hope your MIL does better. your moving philosophy is brilliant. loved that all your extra stuff was paper! bless your heart, cohabitating with a collector of hobbies & their accompanying stuff. wonder if the move (& loss of room for stuff) is hard on Gareth? best wishes for all the changes going on in your lives.

  8. Love bullets #3 and #5! Hey, you should try being married to a DRUMMER! Takes up much more room than a bass.

    Email me your new address, and I’ll send you a very SMALL home-warming present.

    Also, my MIL does the same thing with the tree. Every year she covers it with a big trash bag – decorations, tinsel and all – and hangs it from the ceiling of the garage. Brilliant.

  9. I had no idea what Gumtree was. I thought you meant you left it on the curb with a “Free sign” and someone came by and picked it up. This really works-also “Please take me, I need a new home” when it’s the second night and no one has grabbed your stuff.. Fun to pare down. Happy and Safe move.

  10. I am moving too. In with my fella. Purging stuff I don’t need will make me feel better, I am sure
    Glad you are excited/philosophical about the move x

  11. “Beware of home brewers, multi-instrumentalists and cyclists…” Um. It’s good advice, but about thirty years too late to be helpful to me. 🙂

    Enjoy the new adventure!

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