Shinty 101

On Saturday we went to a shinty match. According to Wikipedia shinty is a “Scottish twelve-a-side game resembling hockey, played with curved sticks and taller goalposts and derived from the Irish game of hurling.”

This particular match was the annual hybrid shinty/hurling Scotland v Ireland smackdown. It hardly seems fair for the poor Scots; look at that whopping big stick the Irish bloke has.


See that labrador in the right hand corner? He had his butt up in the air like that for the entire match, wagging his tail at something fascinating on the ground.

I really loved the game… it was fast and brutal. It poured rain the whole time and the players were not fazed. They carried on clattering into each other and swinging their sticks with wild abandon.

Free frizz for all
Free frizz for all

The brewery ran a beer tent for the day which proved very popular in the dreary conditions. Here’s Gareth looking worried at the large amount of people drinking beer that he helped to make.


In other news, in the madness of the move we’ve somehow managed to lose a large bagful of screws, bolts and plastic thingies that are used for assembling the bed together. We finally got around to the task yesterday, only to discover the missing essentials. We searched everywhere and tried in vain to find spare parts. Cue amusing passive-aggressive huff and puffery on both sides… how could such a vital thing go missing? / well you’d ponced off north to put flowers into buckets of water, how was I sposed to remember everything!? Eventually we declared a truce and put the mattress back on the floor. Moving rocks!

Missing: these bloody thingies

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15 thoughts on “Shinty 101

  1. Looks like a dreary day — we are getting damp and chilly here too.

    I hate hate hate when things go missing. Hope the precious bag of thingies turns up somehow.

  2. Gosh, I hope there’s a furniture equivalent of Buy Spares online.

    We had similar adventures when we last bought a bed, but at least we could blame the large swedish furniture purveyors for that mistake. Twas quite the bonding moment…

  3. I moved recently and lost all my pants – the ones that fit, that is – I put them all in one plastic tub. I wanted to put them away at the new place ASAP to make it easy to get dressed for work. I’ve never seen them since.
    Everything else, including the box of old cat puzzles, stuffed animals, and spare ugly curtains made it just fine!

  4. Oooh shinty! I’m from a small village 40 miles south of Inverness which is the capital of shinty land… I love the game though I’d never have the nerve to play it!

    My 10 year old son does though, here in Edinburgh – and thankfully wearing safety helmets is now mandatory for children playing it. Unlike when I was in school and the most gruesome shinty injuries were a badge of honour amongst the boys, ugh!

    Hope you’re enjoying the Schneck. I’d give anything to move back up there but unfortunately the Fifer *I* marries doesn’t want to, Humph! 🙁

  5. Ahh those thingies…. We have access to those from our upholstery supplier (depending on the size of the wooden slats that go in the ends). Shame you aren’t in Aus!! But if you really get stuck maybe we can organise something! email me at mazdelicious @ hotmail . com if you give up the search!!

  6. That looks like a sport I could love. You can tell it’s got lotsa sprinting ’cause of those giant thighs. Looks like a delightful day. =) I also find hockey fascinating. How can such HUGE, super tough men skate SO elegantly?!?

    When I last moved we couldn’t find the little feet for my love seat (that my husband hated) so BAM, he chucked it, much to my sadness. Not long afterwards, found the little feet, patiently waiting in the shed. *sigh* So, ya in the mood for a new bed?!? =)

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